#73: Romeo & Juliet

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I listened with great interest to a short piece from Rory Sutherland this week, discussing the role of advertising in a post-Covid world.

He suggested we are about to see a fundamental shift from efficiency to effectiveness.

Before the virus hit everything was about performance and efficiency. If you were running an airline for example, the question was how well you could hedge your fuel costs and how cheaply could you fill your seats?

The virus has changed all that. Bluntly put, in the post-Covid world the question is how on earth do you make people want to fly again?

For many years now, in the majority of companies, marketing has been viewed purely as a cost. Something to be managed, minimised, and measured to within an inch of its life. A golden opportunity is emerging to look beyond such unambitious beancounting, to show how creative we can be in persuading people to come back and go further.

As Nils Leonard says in our first item this week:

"Write the briefs you wish you could work on, make the films you wish you could watch, and build the brands you wish existed".

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