Issue 52. Bryanston Catholic Church of the Resurrection               22 April 2021


A message from Father Keith 

Dear Friends in Christ

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Duncan Tsoke as Bishop of the Diocese of Kimberley. Bishop Duncan served  5 years as the Auxiliary Bishop in our Archdiocese and 25 years as a priest. Our congratulations to Bishop Duncan is mixed with sadness because this appointment means he is leaving the Archdiocese of Johannesburg. His pastoral presence will be deeply remembered in the Archdiocese. 

On Thursday 22nd April, our parish hosted a farewell lunch for Bishop Duncan. Archbishop Buti Tlhagale and about 80 priests gathered in the Emmaus Centre to share memories and express congratulations and good wishes for Bishop Duncan. We had a delicious meal and lots of conversations as this is the first time the priests of the Archdiocese have gathered together since lockdown began. This is also the first function we have hosted in the hall since the renovations and painting were finished. A big thank you to Veronique Jones and her team for their hard work in making the lunch a fitting send-off for Bishop; Duncan.

Our prayers accompany Bishop Duncan as he undertakes  this new leadership position within the Church. 

God bless,
Fr Keith

Picture Above: L to R: Fr Keith, Bishop Duncan Tsoke (Bishop of Kimberley), Archbishop Buti Tlhagale (Archbishop of Johannesburg), Fr Paul Beukes (Vicar General).

Easter is the most important feast of the Christian year—so important that the Church sets aside a seven-week season to rejoice in Christ’s victory over sin and death. 

How can a family sustain this “Easter spirit” of celebration all the way to Pentecost? Here are a few  ways to continue our celebration of Easter. 

1. Use a special candle at family meals to recall the light of Christ.

2. Every day, read together from the Easter story: Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21. 

3. Put up a sign or banner that proclaims, “He is risen!” 

4. Add an “alleluia” song—or three alleluias—to your grace before meals.

5. Put on an Easter play. Invite relatives and friends to a performance.

6. Make a poster of a life-giving cross. Add paper flowers and leaves to it throughout Easter.

7. Celebrate new life by doing something as a family to support unborn children and their parents. 

8. Keep fresh flowers around.

9. Use the old Easter greeting and response: “Christ is risen! – He is risen indeed!”

10. Visit a lonely neighbour or do some other family act of kindness to express thanks for the resurrection.

St Joseph - The Dream of Vocations

On Sunday 25 April we celebrate World day of Vocations. His Holiness Pope Francis wrote about Saint Joseph in his message about World day of Vocations.

“God looks on the heart (cf. 1 Sam 16:7), and in Saint Joseph he recognized the heart of a father, able to give and generate life in the midst of daily routines. Vocations have this same goal: to [create] and renew lives every day. The Lord desires to shape the hearts of fathers and mothers: hearts that are open, capable of great initiatives, generous in self-giving, compassionate in comforting anxieties and steadfast in strengthening hopes. The priesthood and the consecrated life greatly need these qualities too. Saint Joseph comes to meet us in his gentle way, as one of “the saints next door”. At the same time, his strong witness can guide us on the journey.”

St Joseph suggests three key words for each individuals vocation: Dream, Service, Fidelity. Dream of the fulfillment that comes from generosity and love. Meditate on how you might be of useful service to others in giving of yourself, so that you can touch their lives in a God inspired way.

Perhaps you may dream of new possibilities in your life in which you experience the joy that faithful service brings.

Μay St Joseph, protector of vocations, accompany you with his fatherly heart.

His full message can be found here.

Vocation Prayer

Bless young people with the gift of courage to respond to your call. Open their hearts to great ideals, to great things. INSPIRE all of your disciples to mutual love and giving—for vocations blossom in the good soil of faithful people. INSTILL those in religious life, parish ministries, and families with the confidence and grace to invite others to embrace the bold and noble path of a life consecrated to you. UNITE us to Jesus through prayer and sacrament, so that we may cooperate with you in building your reign of mercy and truth, of justice and peace. Amen. — Pope Francis

This weekend lay Your hands of peace, love and healing on the people of the Parish of the Resurrection, especially: Brian Richardson, Chihera, Chris Busschau, Collette Drewes, Didi Tomsett, Estelle Jacquet, Fatima & Sieraaj Haffejee, Gail Solomon, Gillian Green, Goodwill Ntamehlo, Inez Braford, Jean Broens, Lettie Nda, Luzia Bento, Manfred Sussmann, Marilyn, Mary-Anne Alho, Olivia Tanyanyiwa, Paula Britten, Pierre Kedziersk, Quinton, Renatus Marol, Rose Kin, Simon van Wyk, Sister Notburga, Tania Noach, Trevor Fenton and Yvonne Mupenda, Erica Woxholt, Felix Finch, Loretta's granddaughter, Wayne, Robert, Next Alpha Online, Clive Williams, Penny Dercksen, Yvonne, a victim of kidnapping, Julie, and a young man.

Request Prayer
RCIA candidates
This year 10 people completed the RCIA course. We welcomed Thokozani Makuyana, Percida Sengo, Zinhle Matentji, Leo Breedt, Peter Robinson, Anni-Mari van Wyk, Yasmin Singh, Phumzile Dlamini, Marcelle Henry and Rorisang Lebethe into our family. This week Zinhle and Phumzile share their stories.

Zinhle Matentji

I was born and raised Methodist. I was led to RCIA by my family, my husband is Catholic and we raised our  girls Catholic, I have been attending the Catholic church since meeting my husband 16 years ago.
I can’t  say for sure when I decided to convert. Perhaps it was an organic decision that just seemed to make sense, I have been surrounded by my Catholic family for my entire adult life I even started thinking I was Catholic unofficially! 

I think that’s it, the Catholic faith grows on you by being surrounded by such  loving Catholic people. I have always loved God, I wanted to get a better understanding of the meaning of the Catholic practices which I think is the key thing that attracted me to RCIA to understand the history of the Catholic faith.

My sponsor is my mom in law -  Ntombi Matentji, I chose her because she symbolises my experience of a Catholic woman - love, kindness, generosity, happiness and most of all faith.  
Choosing a Patron Saint was perhaps one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I consulted with Leslie, one of the amazing RCIA leaders, and she helped me understand the role of Saints is to Intercede for us. My difficulty was really trying to connect and find a saint that resonates with me. These men and women who have done such amazing things and have chosen Christ against all odds, I felt I couldn’t possibly match up. At the weekly class session a Saint of the week is presented and  Saint Josephine Bakhitha who was presented by Alan Woxholt, immediately resonated with me.  As an African woman we are faced with so many challenges and St Josephine is proof that despite those challenges; hers was slavery and physical violence, through prayer, believing and seeking  Christ we can come out stronger.
The RCIA leadership outdid themselves, coordinating all the lectures, group discussions, onsite activities despite the pandemic. Thank you Carol, Keith, Leslie, Roy and Alan. Special thank you to Alan’s wife Erika who behind the scenes has supported me on my journey of becoming a real Catholic. Super special thank you to Father Keith.

Phumzile Dlamini

Hello, Sanibonani, Molweni, Greetings to you all!

I grew up in a Catholic household but for some reason, never completed my confirmation. During lockdown I was searching for something to re-ignite my faith and I came across the Alpha course. At the time of signing up for the course I had no idea what it was about! It turned out to be a beautiful journey and it inspired me to finally complete my full admission into the Catholic faith. My sponsor is my best friend of over 15 years , Xolile Ndlovu who has been with me through the many peaks and troughs of my faith journey and has been a steady anchor unwavering in kindness, empathy and wisdom. We are Truly blessed to be led by a phenomenal RCIA team. They put so much effort and passion in imparting knowledge to us; but also, do so with compassion, humility, kindness, love, respect and heaps of patience. So a BIG thank you to Roy, Carol, Keith, Alan and Les! My patron saint is St Katherine, the patron saint of racial justice and philanthropists. Her story is beyond inspiring, she was blessed with all the privileges, wealth, status, exposed to the best education and travel experiences and yet chose a life of humble servanthood. She valued equality and used her wealth to serve the African American and Native Indian communities establishing145 missions, 62 schools and the only historically black catholic university college in the United States.  I believe education, love and generosity are the key to alleviating the endless and needless inequality and poverty in our society. I pray that her spirit of generosity, fairness, humility, love and selflessness guide and steer me in every aspect on my life on this earth. We can all use our blessings to be a blessing to others.

Paschal Meal

In the weeks leading up to Easter we provided a Paschal meal booklet and encouraged you to prepare a Paschal meal at home.  Joan and Robert Ashby were kind enough to share their experience with us.  Joan has celebrated many Pascal meals at the church so it was lovely to see the comparison to celebrating at home. 

We were grateful to have the Paschal Meal this year as last year we did not have the Paschal Meal as we were just beginning lockdown. I really did appreciate all the work done by the authors of this Paschal meal booklet. 

I have been doing the Paschal meal since 2000, when Br Kevin from the Catholic Bible College came to teach us Biblical Studies at the Emmaus Centre. Br Kevin held a Paschal meal with us.  I can remember then "teaching" this to my Anglican spiritual director; Rev Gerald, who introduced it to his flock and it became a yearly function.  Three years ago Fr Jonathan held an amazing Paschal Meal at which we had these dried wheat on the tables as decoration, so I placed these wheat on the table this year and it now reminded me of the journey thus far in my Catholic conversion, which started way back when my Mom Letitia wanted the best education at a Dominican Convent, St Catherine's.

We prayed the psalms this year while we waited for the lamb to cook.  Because it was just the two of us we were able to slow everything down and the whole meal from start to finish took about 7 hours, if we had had guests they may have got hungry! There we sat having found each other late in life, but only the beginning of life.

Radio Veritas

Every year our church gives a donation to Radio Veritas. The radio depends on donations and without them, there would be no Catholic voice on the air. We were once again able to donate to this worthy cause with funds raised by this parish.

Thank you for your continued support.


Peter Van den Bergh dropped off a wheelchair, crocheted blanket (wow they loved it!) a shower chair and a food hamper with Raymond and Amelia. Thank you to everyone who forms part of the community that changes people’s lives.


On 17 April we baptised two children:
Guilianna, daughter of Henry and Judith Benetello
Reatlehile, daughter of Edison and Mapuleng Machitje
Welcome to our church.

Training in Video Live Streaming 

There will be training for live streaming on Saturday 24 April at 4:30pm in the choir loft of the Church.
If you are interested to learn and become one of the team, then don't miss this opportunity!

Web Team Appeal

Bryanston Catholic Church is a vibrant parish in which engagement is growing all the time. Staying connected with you all is important to us and one key way we do this is through the web site and app.

The web site has a good reach with about 1 500 active users and about 9 000 views per month. Keeping the content relevant is an important part of this consistent appeal. This ministry is an important part of remaining connected in our modern world.

There is an opportunity for another person to grow God's Kingdom by joining the web team. The ideal person has a love for computers and should be able to commit at least 2 hours a week to help. You will be shown what to do and supported by the other members of the team. If this is you, please contact to apply


This faith community is making a difference in the world. Our online and in-person ministries touch the lives of many thousand people.

It is through your generous donations that the Church of the Resurrection is able to offer a wide array of programmes and facilities. Thank you for your regular weekly donations; they make all the difference.

Since we are not collecting weekly donations in church, we are 100% reliant on the money that you give us via channels such as EFT or SnapScan. Every donation counts and is greatly appreciated.

If you're not signed up for dedicated giving but would like to continue to support the parish, you can make donations via snap scan or follow the link online. 
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