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Issue # 3
The issues that outrank this are the Pandemic and stepping on a LEGO
Above Image: Cessna 182 flying. Photo taken by "Captain Bob" 
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This Week's Progress:

This week I worked a lot on the GNS 530 and 430. It's insane how much work, effort and learning go into these. I enjoy making them though.

Tip of the Week:

This week's tip is to use a small work vice if soldering a lot of components
Using a small electronics work vice can be more efficient and effective than using helping hands, as it keeps components in place better than traditional helping hands. These also have a larger capacity and can do multiple connections at once. I've used the PanaVise 381 and grown to like it, however, there are cheaper options that produce very similar results.

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Videos of the Week:

Roger Doger is who got me involved in flight simulation. Here's one of his videos to hopefully spark some imagination.
Video about Altimeter Motive's Laser Cut Panel. Enjoy!

Live Stream:

August 7th, 20:30 UTC I will be flying from one airport to another. It will be fun, and I'll let you join probably.
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Next Video:

Since you are on my newsletter, I'll tell you, but it's a secret :)
It's going to be about an upcoming Cessna 172 Project, or a guide to "Which Simulator You Should Build.

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