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Issue #8

Gear Down and Welded
A lot of new things happening in the "studio", workshop, and now airport!

Photo taken by "Captain Bob" 
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This Week's Progress:

This past month, a lot has happened. I can't show you it, but I promise it did!
The CAD model progressed quite a bit, and is now something that feels "buildable". I have a slight feeling this is misleading however- the manufacturing process is far different than the design process.

I noticed, there isn't actually anything holding the structure to the base. You'll see it resting on top, with no actual bracket system. An oversight on my part :)

Tip of the Week:

This week's tip is to watch YouTube.
This speaks mainly for itself. If you see other simulator's ideas, you can build off of them to create your own simulator!
A good 50% of the stuff I know now about Flight Simulators came from YouTube. The other amount came from forums, experience, and trial and error.
If you don't know something: Look it up!!

If you would like to submit a tip, please email with "Here's a tip" in the subject.

Videos of the Week:

Somebody posted this video, it was even good enough to put in the newsletter!
This is a video about the attitude indicator, how it's inards "function". It is a fantastic reference for modeling your own :)
Here is the latest YouTube Video in case you haven't seen it already. Enjoy!
It's about solving the root of problems- instead of solving symptoms.
Latest Episode: Interview with Dave from Bits and Droids

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Live Stream:

Friday the 21st 20:30 Universal Time (Zulu)
This stream will be continuing the GNS 530. It's looking like we're pretty close!
View the Stream here
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