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Issue #9

"Pain is Temporary Glory Is Forever"

-Martin Molin, I think.

A lot of new things happening in the "studio", workshop, and airport!

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This Week's Progress:

What a time to be alive!
So much has changed for the Cessna 172 project. I am now changing quite a bit in favor of a more realistic panel.
The devil is in the details, and speak of "the devil", I found a detail!

What difference does an inch make?

Too big of a difference.

While CADing, I found a fatal error. My Instrument panel DXF I was using as a reference was stretched one inch vertically. I think this was for the DXF maker to use the same system for their G1000 and Analog instruments with one panel.

This won't work for me.

You can see clearly this difference on my site's image comparison.


The Altimeter is quite a bit higher than the aligned vertical speed indicator. Additionally, the spacing is incorrect on all of the instruments.

I originally thought these were perfectly aligned, and that the glareshield covered up part of the panel. I also thought I just cut the holes incorrectly. However- upon further investigation, the glareshield covers little to none of the panel (edge screws are still visible)

Additionally- The lower hump is a lot lower in the DXF than is in the actual plane. The actual plane goes down about an inch where the DXF goes down about two. I believe this was to fit the trim wheel for their modified panel.

This DXF is fantastic- it got me started in flight simulation. It is wonderfully engineered for their purposes, and I'm glad I found out this early in the project that our purposes don't exactly allign.
👇Do you see the resemblence?👆

It's official! The C172 Project now has a glass cockpit option.

This has been planned since the beginning of the project, though I never really publicized this.

The sections will now be as follows:
Section 2: Entire section 2 assembly minus the instrument panel (Including interior, controls, etc.)
Section 2A: Analog Panel including throttle and flaps
Section 2G: G1000 Panel including G1000s, throttle and flaps

Tip of the Week:

This week's tip is with Fusion 360
  • To select only what is fully enclosed in your selection box, drag right.
  • To select anything attached to what is in your selection box, drag left.

This is especially helpful when deleting things!
Try it out!

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Videos of the Week:


3D Printed Rudder Pedals- Highly recommend you give them a try :)
Here is the latest YouTube Video in case you haven't seen it already. Enjoy!


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