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Issue #11

What's Up at Captain Bob?

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We've taken apart part of the simulator.
Section 1-0-000 is no more.
But don't worry, this hasn't taken the wind out of my sailplane.

Also, don't worry - Section 2, the "Meat and potatoes of the sim" still stands strong.

I'm really excited to go to college. I'll be majoring in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering (unless I change my mind).

I expect to keep making videos and keep working on my projects - just on a smaller scale.
Since I'll be in a dorm, I'm even selling most of my flight sim equipment.

Challenges are always exciting for me - an opportunity to grow.
On the bright side, most of the things I produce on my channel will be more doable! (access to a large shop will be quite limited).

Kowalski! Status Report!

Since the last time I appeared in your lovely little inbox, there've been a lot of changes.
Above you'll see the last screenshot I took in these newsletters.

Since then:

  • The panels have been overhauled (twice). Each time I've made it closer to the real one.
  • The structure has been overhauled (probably also twice), and now is much more sturdy.
  • There are now a few instruments! (Airspeed and Tachometer) You'll see these pop up on YouTube eventually!
  • I've been working on a radio stack mounting system
  • The switch panel has been designed
  • The yokes are being prototyped

I've been constantly trying different solutions to find ones that work better.
With each failure, success feels closer.

Compare this with now's design!!
Recently what I've been working on has been the annunciator - It's been a very fun project, and has kept me learning! I'll do a video on this kind of soon, but for now you can view pictures here.

It's really exciting to see things like this come together.
After about a month of waiting for shipping, the circuit boards arrived.

You can preorder this now to have a 20% discount on the base model.
Preorder: Annunciator Panel Circuit Board and Kit
Preorder: Annunciator Panel Circuit Board and Kit

Videos of the Month:

Who says tachometers can't be fun!
I found this video highly enlightening, especially with the design of my tachometer!


I just launched, a place you can "pick my brain" on how to design your homecockpit. If you need something designed for your flight simulator, I can do so - just reach out!

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