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Issue #7

Chop Chop! We've a big adventure ahead.

A lot of new things happening in the "studio", as well as the workshop.

Photo taken by "Captain Bob" 
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This Week's Progress:

👇Do you see the resemblence?👆

In terms of simulator progress - not much enters the conversation.
In terms of allowing the simulator to be made, Mount Everest was relocated to the moon.

For the past 8 months I've been dreaming of having a battlestation computer that would allow me to make videos without a small part of my soul wilting.

From the beginning of time, I used an 8-year-old laptop. It allowed me to stitch clips together, but I soon outgrew its capabilities.

Recently I got a newer laptop that ran my editing program fairly smoothly-though it only had 200GB of storage- comfortable for normal people. But I'm not normal

Each video takes ~50GB of of footage and up to 150GB optimized media (especially helpful on slower systems). Add 100GB flight sim to the mix, and space is eaten really quickly (here's where external hard drives shine!)

With the new computer, I have 500GB SSD (Solid State Drive-Fast), which gives me space for FS2020, FSX, X-Plane 11, my editor and 1-2 projects. I have a 3 TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive-Slower) to put completed projects, and any files I don't need immediate access to.

I can now edit extremely quickly. Previously I'd wait 3-7 seconds between each edit for the computer to load. 3 seconds doesn't sound like a lot -until you realize there are hundreds of edits per video. Long story short- 1 hour of editing every video is waiting for the program to load. That's a whole lotta nothing!

Being able to edit is nice and all, but have you seen the RGB lights on this thing!! If I look at it too long I start getting dizzy. If you get one thing out of my YouTube channel let it be known

"There is never such thing as too much RGB"

Tip of the Week:

This week's tip is to keep a bookmark folder, or notes list with all of the links to helpful sources. I keep two folders: One specifically for the Cessna 172, and another for general flight simulators.
Keep items you reference a lot near the top and things you would like to try in a separate folder (mine are C172 Hardware and 3D Print Files).

Don't like bookmarks? You can keep this in a digital note-taking system.

If you would like to submit a tip, please email with "Here's a tip" in the subject.

Videos of the Week:

Somebody posted this video, it was even good enough to put in the newsletter!
These are Schmidt couplings. They fascinate me- even though they will probably not be used in a flight sim.
(View on YouTube) Look at the links in the description for practical uses.
Here is the latest YouTube Video in case you haven't seen it already. Enjoy!
Latest Episode: How to work in a small shop.

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Live Stream:

Friday the 21st 20:30 Universal Time (Zulu)
This stream will be continuing the GNS 530. It's looking like we're pretty close!
View the Stream here
Have any questions for the Live Stream? Ask them here:
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Next Video:

Shh. Don't tell anyone :) It'll be about the Heading Indicator :)


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