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Issue # 7
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Above Image: Cessna 172R. Photo taken by "Captain Bob" 
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90 Days of Simulation:

After holiday break I am back up and running!

I've been creating content every day on the YouTube channel, Instagram Account, and my Website Stay tuned for more content this week!
Articles: Skills for Homecockpit Building
CAD Video #1 CAD Video #2

This Week's Progress:

This week I worked on improving my CAD skills. I am continuing to use the form workspace in Fusion 360. This week I really focused on making sure I know how to use certain tools. More on this in the video!

Tip of the Week:

Not applicable for many people, but I stuck my microphone under the table and now I don't have to wind it up as much! Look for things that bug you, fix them, and devote some of the freed-up energy to simbuilding!

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Live Stream:

The next live stream will be January 1st 20:30 UTC.
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Next Video:

Since you are on my newsletter, I'll tell you, but it's a secret :)
It'll be about CADing the flight simulator shell (Yet again, same as last week, but still awesome!!!).

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