Library Card Sign-up Month

September is Library Card Sign-up Month. You can use this month to focus on some messages and strategies to add active cardholders at your library.

Make it easier to sign up for a card.

  • Any Wisconsin resident can get an e-card through MORE. Here’s the best link to share:

  • Go digital with sign-up. Michelle Johnson (Hammond Community Library) shared their template for an online sign-up form built in google. Applicants can have their card mailed to them, or pick up their card at the library. Michelle worked closely with Lori Roholt to create this form.

    • Run your customized form by Lori before you go live with it.

    • Contact Reb with questions about saving and customizing the form.

    • Contact Michelle with questions about how this works on the ground.

    • Contact Anne for help integrating this on your website.

  • We’ve got large-print and Spanish versions of the sign-up form, and are working on a Somali version.

Bring inactive users back into the library.

  • You can create a contact list for inactive library card holders from your library records. Consider a special promotion or mailing to get those folks back on your active list! Reb can help with that strategy.

  • Have you recently gone fine-free and forgiven all overdue fines? Remind people about that.

Say it again.

You may have heard the message a thousand times, but somebody still hasn’t heard.

  • There is no charge to get a library card!

  • Where is the library? Both physical and digital directions.

More resources and ideas.

  • ALA has a toolkit full of resources.

  • Have a Bring a Friend day (or week, or month) at the library. If you bring a friend who signs up for a library card, you both get a small prize.

  • Any ideas or strategies that have worked for your library? Let Reb know, she’ll share them in Weekly Digest for the next month.

Send Reb your idea

Tip: social media post graphics.

Did you know that Facebook actually penalizes posts with graphics that have a lot of words? Instead of using a poster as the graphic for your social media post, create a graphic that uses the same image and colors as the poster but only a handful of words. Then include the information and call-to-action in the body of the post. Put your logo and url on the graphic in case it gets shared without the rest of the information.

This is just cool.

Sometimes I run across an example of design that makes the world a better place. Here’s an example.

Paper Prescription Pill Bottle
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