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Your Story is Powerful

Sharing stories from people in our communities who have benefitted from our libraries is a powerful tool for advocacy. In early 2020 Meredith Farkas wrote this in American Libraries:

“In an era of shrinking budgets, libraries must find ways to tell our stories, which often require us to go beyond simply reporting data. Not only have the ways that libraries serve their communities changed and expanded, but it’s become clear that the outputs we usually report are far less significant than the outcomes—the impact of our collections and services on our communities.”

This is even more true now! Our libraries have done an amazing job in challenging times, and we need to get the word out.

The newly-formed IFLS Marketing Committee has launched the “Tell Your Library Love Story” campaign to help collect those stories. Please share and promote this easy-to-use form and help us communicate the value of our libraries!

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Library Trustees & Friends: Join Us at Library Legislative Day!

We’ll be sharing our collection of stories as part of our advocacy for our libraries and their communities at this year’s Library Legislative Day. It’s in person this year, iin Madison on February 8. If you’re a trustee or Friends group member at an IFLS library, we’d love it if you’d join us there! Click the button for more information. If you have questions, please contact Reb Kilde, IFLS PR & Communication Coordinator.

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