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May 2019

In This Issue

  1. BadgerLink Outage
  2. Celebrating Spring, Bunnies and Religious Holidays
  3. Mural, Mural on the Wall
  4. Explore Your NoveList Choices
  5. Learning Opportunities for All
  6. SSCS Conference
  7. Wisconsin Libraries Build Communities
  8. Calendar & Continuing Education

BadgerLink Outage

Upcoming BadgerLink Outage May 31-June 3, Important Access Changes
The BadgerLink authentication provider, Auto-Graphics, will be upgrading their platform beginning at 7:00 pm CT May 31, through 7:00 am CT June 3, 2019. During this time all BadgerLink resources will be unavailable, including Super Search. 
Logo for BadgerLink

Celebrating Spring, Bunnies and Religious Freedom

There are a couple things (at least) to think about when you’re creating communications around holidays.

  • Separation of Church and State
    • As a library, you are a representative of the State. Legally, you can’t endorse or promote any particular religious belief. While it may seem like this constricts your freedom of speech or expression, this actually…
    • Protects our religious freedom. It’s one of the cornerstones of our country. We are guaranteed the right to worship (or not) as we please, and the government cannot intrude on that fundamental right. Here’s an article from Time magazine that goes into a little more detail.
    • This applies to programs as well as announcements.
  • It’s good inclusive practice
    • Sure, we’re culturally Christian, but that doesn’t mean everybody’s Christian. The library is for everyone, and noting a particular day excludes many people, even some Christians.
    • Celebrate together! As a leader in your community, you can model ways to include and welcome people with many different opinions and life experiences. Civic inclusion is a great antidote to polarization and intolerance.
This isn’t something we’re going to solve today—it’s an ongoing discussion about how to best serve our communities.
Some friendly examples
If you’re closed
Barron is a very diverse community, and the library strives to serve all members of the community. This straightforward and bright graphic lets people know that your hours are changed without mentioning any religious motivations.

 If you’re not closed
Some libraries have the option to stay open and have programs to serve kids who aren’t in school, like this one from LE Phillips.
“Bring the kids to the library today for lots of fun activities on this schools-out day.”

(Rebecca Kilde, PR and Communications Coordinator)
Wall mural with mountains

For as long as she can remember, St. Croix Central senior Sara Nyhus has wanted to be an artist.

"I worked diligently on improvement, even at a young age. I guess I started to recognize my somewhat inclination around third grade," Nyhus said.

On March 11, the Hazel Mackin Community Library announced that Nyhus's design was the winner of the library's Teen Mural Contest.

"We are thrilled with her vision and we are excited to see this area come to a completion," said Library Director Krissa Coleman. "A George R.R. Martin quote — 'A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.' — was the Teen Advisory Board's selection for the theme of the mural. The mural which will be the final piece to the new teen area at the library."

(New Richmond News, 4-13-19)

Explore Your NoveList Choices

Engaging Readers: About NoveList
Are you looking for that next favorite book for a patron? Themed books for discussion or programs? A series in book order, books based on movies?  NoveList is a great discovery tool for library staff and patrons!
You might be familiar with some NoveList features from the MORE catalog. All the read-alikes and categories at the bottom of book descriptions are from NoveList, brought to you by MORE consortium funding.

NoveList Plus (purchased by IFLS)
NoveList Plus is an enhanced version of NoveList. The link is on the Resources page on the MORE site under the Literature heading. You can sort and search fiction and nonfiction, as well as find reviews and recommendations. Audiobook are included in NoveList Plus, and in addition to reviews and recommendations, you can also listen to clips.

NoveList and NoveList K-8 (available through BadgerLink)
At times it might be appropriate to link directly to these services on the BadgerLink website. We also link to NoveList K-8 on the Resources page, under the Youth and Students Header. All the information in these databases is included in NoveList Plus.

The basic search gives you a lot of ways to refine a search by age; limiters like “Best of 2018” and “For Fans of…”; style descriptions like “Unconventional and Stylistically complex,” and more. The basic search page also includes featured books and browsing options. The service is always evolving and adding new options, like the new STEM Fiction genre heading.

The advanced search offers a staggering number of options. Luckily, there are some great how-to resources available.

Learn how to search by story elements such as appeal, themes, or genre:  

Search Strategy guides, like one about how to use NoveList to support your summer reading program and find books for story time, are in NoveList’s Idea Center.

You can find books with diverse characters!  Especially handy for developing lists for book clubs or buying for your collection.
Easy Patron Access
If you look up a popular title in MORE, scroll down to find:
  • other books in the series
  • suggestions for read-alike series, titles and authors
  • story element terms for appeal (the “feel” of the book), character, genre and theme
  • recommended lists & articles if available
  • a link to reader reviews from Goodreads
 If your patron is on a long hold list for a particular title, use this NoveList information to find read-alike choices that are available to enjoy right now.

Additional Resources
To learn more about NoveList, subscribe to newsletters put together by the NoveList staff at and
The EBSCO site has a NoveList Promotion Kit with printable bookmarks and flyers at

I’m here for you!

If you have any questions about accessing or using these NoveList databases, call or email Maureen.
Librarians from the IFLS area attended Creative Aging, a multi-system workshop held in Rice Lake to help librarians learn about providing seniors with opportunities to be creative.

IFLS was well-represented!

Missing from the photo: Heather Johnson of River Falls.

Artful Aging is certainly something every community has in common!

(Ginny Scheiderer, Somerset Public Library)

Learning Opportunities for All

WebJunction courses and webinars are always free through our Course Catalog, providing learning at your fingertips when you need it. Sign-up for a free account to get started and then you'll have access to over 320 self-paced learning opportunities. Highlighted below are just a few of the courses that can help you meet your professional goals.
From Facilities to Trauma: Disaster Planning and Community Resiliency at Your Library

Recent catastrophes have highlighted the important role public libraries play in enhancing their community’s resiliency and post-disaster recovery efforts. This presentation will help you and your library embrace this new role as Information First Responders, who quickly enable people to get back to work, back to their lives, and ensure recovery of the community’s economic life. Learn to prepare before disaster strikes!
Image with the words, who, when and where.

Building a Culture of Learning with Library Boards

Trustees can and should play a key role in fostering a culture of learning at their libraries—beginning with themselves. When library boards embrace a learning culture, they become more receptive to supporting continuing education, in policy, planning, and budgeting. Explore ideas for growing board learning into a blossoming culture that motivates board members to see education and training as a natural part of their trusteeship.
Photo of library board members
Sibley Library Board (IA) Photo by : Bonnie McKewon

Collection Development Sequence

Check out this sequence of four, self-paced courses from the Idaho Commission for Libraries, which cover everything from collection development basics to creating policies to maintaining and building your collection. The ABLE (Alternate Basic Library Education) courses can help you build your skills!
Photo of ABLE logo
(WebJunction, 4/17/2019)

Wisconsin Libraries Build Communities

A new video from State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor outlines the importance of libraries across the state.

She shares a bit of her history and the role libraries played for her while growing up in a segregated town. She credits libraries as places that provide resources and possibilities to build strong communities and remains grateful for the important work of library staff, elected officials, and stakeholders who support library efforts within our communities.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is home to teams focusing on public library development, school libraries, and resources for libraries and lifelong learning.

Our statewide library systems provide access to an ever-growing range of services and resources for everyone. The DPI supports public libraries and regional systems on behalf of Wisconsin residents to ensure equitable access to library services while serving as stewards of state and federal funds and sustainers of statutory compliance.

The DPI supports education and lifelong learning through services like Badgerlink and the Wisconsin Digital Archives. And we strive to support planning and thoughtful collaboration to ensure libraries meet current needs while making sure patrons are safe, welcomed, and respected.

For more information about public libraries, school libraries, and resources for libraries and lifelong learning, visit the DPI Libraries web page.

(DPI ConnectEd, 4/28/19)

SSCS-Logo-ThumbnailSSCS Conference

Registration for the one-day Support Staff and Circulation Services conference is now open. Please join us in wonderful Eau Claire for a day of energized learning. Full conference information, accommodations and registration are all available on the SSCS webpage. Registration will also include creating carpool groups for those who are interested.

(Paula Stanton, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library)

Calendar & Continuing Education

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