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Mailer 11 -  August 2021
Let's celebrate the teachers! Please look after yourselves.  
Joni introduces you to a couple of simple techniques that encourage you to step outside and take notice of yourself, and what's around you. A really good way to take a break and re-center yourself. 
A quick and easy exercise video for tamariki and whānau.  
Click on the image below to go to a version with the links. 
Do you have seesaw in your class? There are 898 activities for Physical Education. 
Scavenger Hunt for the outdoors. 
Try this as a fun and interactive way to begin your zoom calls with your tamariki
Drag out your activities from the last lock down. No point in recreating the wheel. 
An oldie but a goodie - the footpath chalk obstacle course. 
Kapa haka teacher Whaitiri Poutawa has generously partnered with Oranga Tamariki to distribute his funny, energetic classes online to tamaraki and rangatahi all across New Zealand.
Te Kīwai Fund is designed to help remove barriers to participation in sport and recreation. Each tamariki or rangatahi is eligible for up to $300.00 per year. Click the picture for more information.