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The Future of the BBC Podcast, What’s the harm in feeding the poor? - New Article from Hoong-Wai Cheah, and what’s good on the web.

Thanks to all who attended our Future of the BBC event.  A good evening and special thanks to our three speakers.  The audio is now available on our new Podcast.  

In a reproduced article Hoong-Wai Cheah asks - What’s the harm in feeding the poor? Why can’t we just print more money and make everyone a little bit richer?
We also spotlight a great new TPA Talks with Katharine Birbalsingh and a New Culture Forum video with David Kurten on why he launched the Heritage Party.


The future of the BBC - Podcast

From our live event, Croydon Councillor Jeet Bains, Sofia Svihurova, former Brighton Group Leader of the Libertarian Party, and Harry Fone of the TaxPayers’ Alliance present their views on what’s next for the Corporation. 

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What’s the harm in feeding the poor?

Hoong-Wai Cheah asks – What’s the harm in feeding the poor? Why can’t we just print more money and make everyone a little bit richer?

“The resources which supply welfare isn’t unlimited. Someone had to grow the food, and people have to work to produce and distribute goods and services”

“Someone who was able to buy 10 bushels of food, is now only able to buy 2 bushels of food. This is the effect of printing money, a practice that many modern governments engage in, under the guise of “quantitative easing”

“The rich and poor aren’t two homogenous groups. People exist on a continuous spectrum of wealth, and individuals travel up and down it throughout their life. When government prints money to spend, all they achieve is to pull EVERYONE down”

“The only way out of this trap is to not rely on government spending to feed the poor. Feed the poor yourself, out of your own surplus. Contribute to food banks, give the homeless a meal and a sheltered place to rest, and do your own part”

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On the web


Renowned education reformer Katharine Birbalsingh CBE joins the TPA for an episode of TPA Talks. Drawing on her experience founding Michaela Community School in London, Birbalsingh explains the difference between traditional and progressive schooling, the importance of responsibility and choice, why free schools work, and more! -

Peter Whittle is joined by his London Assembly colleague David Kurten, leader of the newly launched Heritage Party ( They also discuss the London police's selective approach to policing protests. -

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