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With the Presidential Inauguration we publish Dan's 2001 paper on the Electoral College. New Pubcast, Brexit, Immigration & Spreading Liberty

With the Presidential Inauguration upon us and following the challenges of the 2020 election, we’ve published Dan Heaton’s paper from 2001 asking: Has the time come to abolish the Electoral College in favour of a more representative system?
We have a new (virtual) Pubcast and chat about Croydon council.  We have our latest update on asking Brexiteers about Brexit.  Josh brings us new articles about Immigration and Spreading Liberty

United States Electoral College

With the Presidential Inauguration upon us and following the challenges of the 2020 election, over 6 parts we’ve published Dan Heaton’s paper from 2001 asking: Has the time come to abolish the Electoral College in favour of a more representative system?

“before Gore had made his public address before his supporters, as is traditional when making a formal concession, he was informed by his aides that Florida looks a lot closer and so remarkably he phoned Governor Bush again and retracted his previous concession”

“The practice of electors casting two votes for presidential candidates became seen as redundant because the rise of political parties had created what we now know as Presidential and Vice Presidential running mates”

“This occurred in 1992 to Bill Clinton because of the strong candidacy of Ross Perot.  There was a clear Electoral College winner but Clinton received less than 50% of the popular vote”

“none of the current proposals before Congress are a panacea to the defects which opponents of the Electoral College denounce so vehemently”

“The system used for electing the President of The Republic of Ireland does appear to create a great amount of consensus and is relatively cost effective if possibly confusing”

“The Electoral College is criticised because a candidate can be elected without having received a majority of the popular votes….it can be seen below that a majority of seats is what is required to form a Government in the United Kingdom and not a majority of the popular votes”

Well worth a read

New Pubcast - Croydon Councillor Allowances, Parking U-Turns, Libraries & DEMOC
We meet up for a Virtual Beer and chat about Croydon Councillor allowances, a U-Turn on parking, threats to libraries and the potential DEMOC referendum.


Brexiteers on Brexit - Part 7
Now we have left the Transition Period, we asked Brexiteers if they feel Brexit is now complete, for their hopes and their predictions for the future.

Thanks to Tam Laird, Andrew Bence, and Chris Mendes for these latest contributions at

Answers below and to read more following the series try Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

“As comedian Geoff Norcott quips when asked if he regrets voting for a conservative government. “No. I regret not getting one.”

“electoral reform and the reshaping of the devolution settlement, including an English parliament based outside London and the reform of the House of Commons”
“I’d like to see the House of Lords abolished or cut in size. Also and I don’t know if this is constitutional related, but I’d like to see the lockdown over.”

“we should unilaterally withdraw all import tariffs. Tariffs in the end are self-harming. …so we can reduce consumer prices and give everyone, the poorest in particular, a well-earned break”

Immigration – Creating A More Free Immigration System

In a challenging and interesting piece Josh L. Ascough writes about Creating A More Free Immigration System.

“While I supported Brexit I was very saddened to see the free movement of people removed”

“it’s not immigration that has led to high unemployment among young people; it’s government intervention and regulation of education and employment”

“To get into the details, suppose we produced 500,000 residency tickets, each costing £10,000…each year the residency tickets would bring in £5 Billion”

Full article:

Spreading The Ideas Of Liberty

In a second piece Josh L. Ascough writes about 'How to pass on the sparks of the Liberty flame'.

“If you find a charity that is on a subject you care about, show the voluntary, charitable aspect of liberty in action by giving or helping to raise awareness”

“You don’t need to have flashing lights and fancy eye-catching attractions, these events would be designed to engage with the public; grab a microphone, invite attendees, find a topic that is an issue people are talking about, and speak about a liberty-based solution to those problems”

Full article:

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