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Podcast with Sean Finch, Dan's interviewed, new interviews with Scottish Libertarians and the SDP, new article from Hoong-Wai Cheah.  What's on the web, and mounting evidence we are not a free country.

In our new Podcast we speak with local Libertarian activist Sean Finch.  Dan is interviewed on the Libertarian Listener videocast.  We have new interviews with Ian Woodley the SDP organiser in Surrey and Councillor Sandy Wallace of the Scottish Libertarian Party.  In a new article, Hoong-Wai Cheah asks – What is fire and rehire? And why does it happen? 
Lastly we bring online news from the TaxPayers’ Alliance, David Kurten and a live cast from The Full Brexit with Paul Embery.  We sadly also bring some links with the mounting evidence we no longer live in a free country.

Podcast – Sean Finch: BBC Humbug, Green Industrial Revolution & Canada Trade Deal

We are joined by local Libertarian activist Sean Finch, as we discuss BBC Radio 1 banning the Christmas classic Fairytale of New York from their airwaves, Boris’ 10 point Green Revolution and the Canada Continuity Trade Deal. We then chat with Sean about his resignation from the Libertarian Party, his involvement in anti-lockdown protests and his plans for the future.

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The Libertarian Listener interview – Dan Heaton

The Libertarian Listener is a UK political podcast reviewing the week’s major news stories, current affairs and events whilst providing original insights, public opinions and perspectives from the nation’s freedom lovers and liberty seekers.

For the 18 November 2020 episode they spoke with Dan Heaton about – UK Second Lockdown, EU, COVID Vaccine, Trump Lawsuits.

Interview with Ian Woodley, SDP organiser in Surrey

The pro-Brexit party, anti-lockdown and anti-woke Social Democratic Party (SDP) have attracted some high profile support.  Ian Woodley is the party organiser in Surrey.  An ex-Croydon resident and Palace fan, we spoke with him about the party's plans in the county.

“at the time of writing I really hope Boris doesn’t bottle it, we have come too far for a fudged compromise. I am in line with the party's views on lockdown in that what we really needed was a longer term consistent policy not the endless stop/starts which have destroyed some sectors and as for woke, I see this an unwelcome American import”

“We have a policy for new immigrants  “All will be required to agree to a pledge to uphold and adhere to contemporary British values as a condition of migration” which will light up the wokeratti but is what we feel most British people would expect”

“We have made ourselves busy in objecting to Surrey County Council's bid to get rid of the 11 district and borough councils to create one mega unitary authority. Too big and not accountable”

Full article -

Interview with Councillor Sandy Wallace of the Scottish Libertarian Party


The Scottish Libertarian Party both pro-Brexit and pro-Independence for Scotland, has recently reached an important political milestone.  We are delighted to interview Aberdeenshire Councillor Sandy Wallace the first elected politician for the Scottish Libertarian Party.

“I sit on the Communities Committee, which is Policing, council housing and social work. That is my opportunity to ask the police how their pointless war on drugs is going”

“The idea of letting somebody have a birthday party for a ten-year-old now seems like anarchy. We need to have birthday parties for ten year olds. With a magician. And a whole buffet of finger food that all the parents just sort of graze at”

“I would like to see Scotland governed very lightly, more of it by local authorities than the Scottish government, with local authorities raising nearly all of their own revenue so answerable to the voter for value for money”

Full article -

Fire and rehire

Hoong-Wai Cheah asks – What is the effect of banning fire and rehire? Bad policies can make a bad situation much worse – we have to be careful to not let good intentions cloud our judgement.

“Sometimes businesses do need to reduce costs. Not just for the sake of profit, but it could be the difference between breaking even or unsustainable losses”

“Alternatively, businesses can terminate existing staff, and hire new staff at lower salaries instead. This means existing staff are forced to become unemployed instead of simply having a lower wage”

Full article -

What's online


In the Express the TaxPayers’ Alliance asks and answers "Who's paying for Carrie and Boris' green revolution? Oh yes YOU ARE!".  In a new video David Kurten, Mayoral Candidate for the Heritage Party speaks about his priorities for London

The Full Brexit host a book launch and panel discussion for Paul Embery's searing new book, on Friday, 27 November 2020 - 19:00 – 20:30 GMT.

We see mounting evidence we are no longer living in a free country, see this video asking - Are all gatherings banned or just political ones? – and below as ‘un-British’ cops bundle an old lady into police van from a lockdown protest:

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