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New Podcast and Pubcast.  New interviews, updates on Croydon Council and some events of interest.

Sadly for local residents, Croydon Council has been hitting the news recently, we talk about the omnishambles that is our local council in our new Pubcast.  We talk about further developments from the campaign for an elected mayor in Croydon (DEMOC) in our new Podcast.  The Podcast also covers Brexit updates, the US election and the BBC’s death wish.
We have an interview with James Hunt the Chairman of Foundation Party.  He talks about the party’s plans and current events.  Mike is interviewed by Sputnik Radio about quarantine rules and Covid. 
Lastly we bring news from DEMOC and of some online events that may be of interest.

We visit The Woolpack in Banstead and chat about recent developments at Croydon Council and the dire state of their finances. Spreaker
Other Podcast Platforms

We discuss recent developments at Croydon Council, Brexit and some interesting appointments to the Board of Trade. We then consider various recent protests, the latest on the US Presidential Election and whether or not the BBC has a Death Wish. Spreaker
Other Podcast Platforms
Interview with James Hunt, Foundation Party Chairman

The Foundation Party is a party of clear patriotic principles and feels the major political parties are no longer fit for purpose.  We have spoken with the Party Leader Chris Mendes and founding member Councillor Mary Lawes.  Now we speak with new Party Chairman James Hunt.

“My intention for the party in next year’s elections are to a) increase the number of council seats we currently have, and b) increase the public’s awareness that there is a fresh, exciting political party out there providing the radical opposition”

“I have never known at least in my lifetime a government to perform this many U-turns just because of an outrage to something that is being expressed on Twitter. What Boris has shown is that being popular is more important to him than being a good leader”

“What we need is a return to genuine liberty. The problem is, we simply do not have the political class that understands what liberty truly means, and even if they did, they wouldn’t for a moment have the courage to defend it”

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Bans on Travel Not Right Approach and the SNP is ‘Playing Politics With People’s Lives’ – Sputnik Radio Interview

England has come under pressure to reconsider quarantine rules for Greece after Scotland and Wales introduced new restrictions.  Sputnik spoke to Michael Swadling from the Croydon Constitutionalists.

“The great risk to this country is that we are not acting in a normal manner and anything, be it holidays, schooling, work, travel, shopping… that gets us away from normal and continues to spread that fear and dread“

“God knows, we need a break more than we would normally. Blanket bans destroy our travel industry, hurt those countries, hurt people who have saved hard and put away for a holiday and finally get that break their family needs. For what? For what risk? What’s the actual impact we’re seeing here?”

“we’ve now created an industry in government of dealing with the pandemic. The pandemic isn’t there in the same way anymore and they just need to find new things to do. Unfortunately, holidaymakers are the people being punished by that incessant need from government to find something else to do”

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Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon

The campaign for a Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon has now handed in its petition.

"a campaign led by local Residents' Associations and supported across the political spectrum, handed in a petition to Croydon Council with over 20,000 signatures – well in excess of what is legally required – to trigger a referendum for a directly elected Mayor for Croydon"
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What's online?

The TaxPayers' Alliance are holding a webinar to discuss councils investing in commercial property.

Local authorities in England have spent billions on commercial property since 2015. Changes in work-from-home patterns due to coronavirus could see rents from retail and office property fall - putting councils and therefore taxpayers at huge financial risk.  This is very much the case in Croydon.

Register in advance at

Date: Friday 11th September
Time: 6pm (finish at 7pm)

State of the Union:
British Democracy After Brexit
23 September, 17:30-19:00 (online event)
As the post-Brexit transition period draws to an end, what comes next? While plenty of attention has been focused on whether or not Britain will manage to secure a trade deal with the European Union, far less attention has focused on what post-Brexit Britain itself should look like. If Brexit was a vote for greater British sovereignty, we have to ask what does sovereignty mean? 

This free online debate will explore some of these questions - whose implications are ultimately far more important than trade deals. How does the re-shoring of supreme legal and political authority in Britain and away from Brussels affect the structure of the British constitution, the future of the Union and the future of British democracy?

Register at -

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