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New Podcast, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain, Interview with Sofia Svihurova of the Libertarian Party, and Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming.

In this week’s Podcast we discuss a victory for Free Speech, the Russia Report, Roman Warming and the Junk Food Advert Ban.
Josh L. Ascough has written a new article on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain an interesting read about the potential for these new currencies. 

We interview Sofia Svihurova the Brighton Group Leader of the Libertarian Party, and talk about her path to being a libertarian and the cause of liberty in Brighton.

Lastly we have details of an interesting article from long time Brexit campaigner Peter Kirby, this time writing on Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming.  Some great information in an article previously published in the Free Nation magazine from the Freedom Association. 


We discuss a recent victory for free speech, the report into Russian interference in our democracy, some recent articles published by the Global Warming Policy Forum and the Government’s proposed banning of junk food adverts on tv before the 9pm watershed.

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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain – The Potential Future of Money

Josh L. Ascough writes about the potential for new currencies.

“Money is quite literally the life blood of any economy, and a people’s ability to communicate value to one another”

“money never used to be a symbol of ‘national sovereignty’, in fact during the period of the classical gold standard, money was not nationalised; it was an international means of calculating value via the means of value to weight ratio and arithmetic”

“These mechanisms ensure that only a fixed quantity of each Cryptocurrency can be created through coding regardless of the hash rate. So once a maximum quantity has been created, no more for that particular Cryptocurrency can be brought into existence”

Full article -

Interview with Sofia Svihurova, Brighton Group Leader of the Libertarian Party

Home to Britain’s only Green MP and its first Green Party Council, the city of Brighton and Hove is not the first place you think of as fertile ground for a free market, small state party.  However gaining ground for these ideals is the role Sofia Svihurova takes on as Brighton Group Leader of the Libertarian Party....

“Brighton has a lot of potential for libertarianism. There are a lot of anarchist groups around with people actively volunteering and doing stuff to help their community instead of moping around waiting for the local council to do something”

“The overall lockdown situation is pretty terrifying from a libertarian perspective though, the state has just decided to give itself huge amount of power, I am not sure how easily they will give that up again if they even will at all”

 “To me libertarianism at least tries to uphold these rights and values, it might not hand you anything for free but it won’t interfere in your life either unless you’re actively physically harming someone”

Full article -

Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming - A Review and a Few Facts

Peter Kirby, who will be known to many of you, has written an article on Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming.  Some great information in an article previously published in the Free Nation magazine from the Freedom Association, which sets out that:

"The climate has changed in the past, is probably changing now, and will change in the future..... The natural factors affecting global temperature are very powerful: terrestrial, solar, galactic, and cosmic.  Although the manmade contribution to CO2 levels in the atmosphere is claimed to be substantial it is actually very very small and the effect on temperature will be minimal."

We are not able to publish it online, but if you're interested in a PDF of the article please reply to this mail and we will send on.

Please get in touch if you would like to write for us.


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