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The Future of the BBC – Zoom event, Libertarian Listener interview, Dr. Tom Rogers Deputy Leader Christian Peoples Alliance, and even worse news for Croydon Council.

We start with a reminder to come along to ‘The debate too hot for the BBC to handle… (we asked they declined)’ about the Future of the BBC on Zoom, 6pm Friday 6th November.
Mike was on the Libertarian Listener podcast with Chris Wilkinson.  We interviewed Dr. Tom Rogers Deputy Leader Christian Peoples Alliance, and sadly we once again need to bring even worse news from Croydon Council.

The future of the BBC - Zoom Event

Too much woke programming, can’t stand the licence fee, or a treasure we should use to promote the nation?  What’s the future of the BBC? 
Croydon Councillor Jeet Bains, Sofia Svihurova former Brighton Group Leader of the Libertarian Party and Harry Fone of the TaxPayers’ Alliance will present their views on what’s next for the Corporation.  We will then hold a panel discussion with questions, followed by an opportunity for all to get involved.

Join us 6pm Friday 6th November by Zoom at
Libertarian Listener interview

The Libertarian Listener is a UK political podcast reviewing the week’s major news stories, current affairs and events whilst providing original insights, public opinions and perspectives from the nation’s freedom lovers and liberty seekers.

For the 21 October 2020 episode they spoke with Mike Swadling about – Lockdown Rebels, CHIS Bill, NZ Labour Election, and the Croydon Constitutionalists.

Interview with Dr. Tom Rogers Deputy Leader Christian Peoples Alliance party

One of the largest of the ‘small’ parties the Christian Peoples Alliance party has been steadily gaining ground in elections.  Dr Tom Rogers is the party’s Deputy Leader.  He was also the party’s candidate in the 2019 Peterborough by-election and again, in the same year, in the General Election.

“many parents got to try their hand at homeschooling for the first time. It may not work for everyone, but many found they were actually quite good at it, that they enjoyed the experience, and, most important of all, their kids made far greater educational progress in that time than they ever would have done at a conventional school”

“we have to keep reminding people of the complete humanity of every unborn child — who is not just a potential life but an actual human life just like each of us”

“Our goal then is to aim to field a full list of candidates in every constituency for the 2024 General Election”

Full article -

Why did they not find out? – further failings at Croydon Council


Croydon Council's external auditors Grant Thornton have issued a damning ‘Report in the Public Interest’ on Croydon’s “deteriorating financial resilience”.

To have confidence, to believe that Croydon Council will do better, what we need to know from the Councillors in office during this period and now serving in a new cabinet is simply – If they weren’t told about these problems, why did they not find out?

“There has been collective corporate blindness to both the seriousness of the financial position and the urgency with which actions needed to be taken”

“In 2018/19, the Council chose to account for the deficit amount as a debtor at the end of the financial year which we disagreed with as the Council’s approach was based on the view that the Government ought to refund the excess spending rather than any evidence that this would be the case”

“the Council has not demonstrated that it can take effective action to either manage the cost pressures or establish appropriate budgets within Children’s and Adult Social Care services”

“The Council has established a complex group structure and we found little evidence that the complexity and associated risk to the Council’s financial position is understood by members or officers”

Full article -

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