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Podcast  with Peter Sonnex.  Update on the Libertarian Party. Update from DEMOC.  Sputnik Radio interview and Long Live the Local.

This week we spoke with Peter Sonnex the Croydon Central Brexit Party candidate on our new Podcast.   We discussed COVID restrictions, International Law and the wages of the BBC’s stars.   Changes have been taking place in the Libertarian Party and we’ve published a statement by ex-NCC members.

Croydon Council have dodged accountability by denying the people of Croydon a referendum on having a Democratically Elected Mayor.   Mike was interviewed by Sputnik Radio on the new Covid restrictions and we want to highlight a new petition to cut beer tax.


We are joined by Peter Sonnex from the Brexit Party as we discuss the latest COVID restrictions, the Internal Market Bill and whether it breaks “International Law” and the recent revelation of the wages of the BBC’s “stars”. We also consider the latest developments at Croydon Council and yet another leadership change for UKIP.

Finally, Peter talks to us about the Un-locked Group and how people can get involved. Spreaker
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Libertarian Party

ex-NCC joint statement response to Libertarian Party press release

“We therefore release this joint statement to address the misinformation presented in the LPUK’s statement, as well as the real reason for each of our eventual resignations from the LPUK NCC at that time"

Full article -


Democratically Elected Mayor of Croydon - RESIDENTS’ PETITION TO BE IGNORED

"Croydon Council have responded to their voters' legitimate petition containing over 17,000 valid signatures and calling for the people to be given the choice next May, by using Covid to block it.

The Council has the legal power to call a referendum on 6 May, the same day as the London Mayor and Assembly elections. That is the obvious day to have it.......but the Leadership are too scared to face the decision of the people and prefer to cling onto power."

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‘People Are Starting to See What a Farce This Lockdown Has Been!’ – Sputnik Radio Interview

According to the Government’s leading scientist, Patrick Valance, the UK faces 50,000 new Covid cases a day by mid-October if the current infection rate is not halted. But just how can this be stopped? What measures are the government considering to slow the spread of infection? – Sputnik Radio spoke with Mike Swadling on the UK’s Coronavirus response.

“Because the entire focus seems to be on COVID not the plethora of things that people die of and need health treatment for normally, the government’s completely taken their eye off the ball for what’s in the national good!”

“the curve hasn’t changed when we introduce masks or indeed, when we opened up pubs and it’s just carried on and the government unfortunately feels poised to think that they can make one more change and do something. I don’t know why they think that. I see no evidence of that. It they feel to me like the the communist dictators of the old Eastern Bloc”

Full Article -

Audio -



Beer Duty has been frozen in two Budgets, from two Chancellors, helping pubs and breweries across the UK.  Unfortunately, a Beer Duty increase is still planned at the Autumn Budget, and at every Budget in the future.
Please add your name to the new petition to cut beer tax, and hopefully this year the Chancellor will go one step further and deliver a cut.
We hope you'll sign and help make a difference to local pubs & breweries.

Sign here -

If you think you know someone who’s interested in a non-woke world view, or is interested in challenging Croydon Council.  Why not get them to sign-up to these emails.

Please get in touch if you would like to write for us.


Dan Heaton & Mike Swadling

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