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With Mayoral and GLA elections in London coming up, we’ve interviewed Robert Poll the Reform Party candidate for Croydon & Sutton.  We have a new in depth article from Peter Kirby on Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming.  We also have two articles from Josh Ascough, covering the Budget and a look at economists views of entrepreneurship.
Celebrating a local school in Thornton Heath, Mike has written an article published by the InYourArea website.  Two further Croydon councillors have announced their resignations Councillor Vidhi Mohan and Brexiteer and Palace Fan, Councillor Steve O'Connell, as such on 6th May we will now have local council by-elections in South Norwood, Woodside, Park Hill & Whitgift, New Addington North, and Kenley wards.

Robert Poll, Reform Party GLA candidate for Croydon and Sutton
Robert Poll is the Reform Party (formally the Brexit Party) GLA candidate for the Croydon and Sutton constituency.  Robert is also the digital founder of the Save Our Statues campaign. 

“like many, it took a trigger moment to make me actually stand up and do something. For me, it was the attack on our heritage last summer. There were very few voices in politics speaking against it and I wanted to change that”

“Town centres like Croydon were already struggling before the pandemic, but are now facing extinction…. Parking needs to be facilitated and small businesses given long term rate relief”

“Ultimately, we need to redress the balance between the individual and the state. To establish the framework for a free and prosperous nation with a strong economy that will then be able to address other problems”

Full article:

Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming – A Review and a Few Facts
Peter Kirby has written about the campaign to stop global warming and climate change.  That the climate has changed in the past, is probably changing now, and will change in the future.  The campaign is trying to stop the unstoppable.

“Professor Chris Holland of the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research said: “The data doesn’t matter.  We are not basing our recommendations on the data.  We are basing them on the climate models.”  Such quotes are never mentioned in the news media”

“warming from 1694 to 1730 was similar to 1988 to 2005.  It is interesting to also note that the temperature recorded in 1730 was the same as that recorded in 2008.  Until the effect of natural causes of global warming or cooling is established it is impossible to establish the extent of warming caused by manmade CO2 emissions. If any”

“Over the last twenty years various “experts” such as Al Gore have predicted that the Arctic will be ice free before and including 2018.  None of the forecasts came to fruition. They still haven’t”

“Their target is to reach net zero emissions by 2050.  They say that net zero provides the opportunity for “intentional societal transformation” and do not hide their belief that capitalism and economic growth threaten the future of the planet”

Full article:

Slowing Recovery to Recover Faster-Why the Chancellor’s Tax Plan Is a Fallacy
Josh Ascough writes about the budget and the “recovery” plan.

“Most jobs paying these rates are part-time or sales assistant retail work, therefore it will have a negative financial effect on these demographics; such as single parents looking to work part time and students. Further, this will cause a hit to high-street businesses struggling to find employees”

“The Laffer Curve theorises that there are two peak points of a tax rate, at which the government would receive 0 revenue. At the top is a 100% tax rate, at which the government would receive zero revenue due to driving out any and all investments, wages, savings and other means of generating wealth”

Full article:

Josh has also written a Micro Lens Perspective of Equilibrium and Disequilibrium – Kirzner’s Entrepreneurship vs Schumpeter’s Entrepreneurship - Full article:

Celebrating our town – Winterbourne Nursery and Infant School

Mike is a Governor at Winterbourne Nursery and Infant School in Thornton Heath, and has written in InYourArea celebrating its recent success.

“Founded in 1906, Winterbourne Nursery and Infants School sits on a site with separate Junior Boys and Girls schools. The last remaining single-sex, state-funded junior schools in the country. Whilst the schools often cooperate they remain very much independent schools, with their own staff, heads, budgets and governors”

“ensure compliance with required regulations and the good governance of public resources. Following much hard work over the previous year the school received a commendable ‘Substantial Assurance’ audit”

“Teachers provide a warm, nurturing start to each day with a live online session. They give clear guidance and support to pupils and parents about the day’s learning tasks.”

“This past year has been a challenge for everyone, some of us have used the time to set goals, many of us have failed to achieve them, but one local school, Winterbourne Nursery and Infants, can rightly say, its whole community should be proud of its journey of self-improvement”

Full article:

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