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New Podcast with Jayde Edwards, Conservative candidate in Fairfield ward by-election and Croydon Council finances, who could have seen it coming?

This week we're joined on our Podcast by a local Conservative Party activist who stood in the Fairfield ward by-election last November.  We discuss the reopening of pubs and gyms, the Mini-Budget, Croydon Council job cuts, the Purley Skyscraper and the BBC’s latest antics. We then chat with Jayde about her campaign, issues affecting young people in Croydon, the Black Lives Matter movement and how she is inspiring more young people to get involved in politics locally.
With much news about the dire state of Croydon Council's finances, we wonder who could have seen this coming.. Well we did.

Mini-Budget, Council Job Cuts, Purley Skyscraper, BBC & an interview with Jayde Edwards.  We then chat with Jayde about her campaign and wider issues, asking:
  • How do you feel the Fairfield campaign went?
  • Looking back what are your thoughts on the treatment you received from real and social media?
  • You wanted to “inspire young people, I also want to bring something new to Croydon – a new passion and a new energy”.  We saw large crowds out to campaign for you.  What’s the lasting effect of their political engagement?
  • In your campaign you focused on “Westfield and the promise that was given to residents”, and “Knife crime and the lack of opportunities”.  What are your views on where we are now on both of these issues?
  • What are your thoughts on the General election win and more recently the impact of the lockdown?
  • Looking at your Twitter, you hold a more nuanced view than many on the Black Lives Matter movement.  How do you think we best move forward?
  • We recently hosted a podcast with people of faith talking about how their faith impacts their politics.  How do you feel your faith impacts your political view?
  • Lockdown is lifting, what’s next for you?

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Croydon Council finances - who could have seen it coming?

Last week we highlighted plans for up to 200 job losses at Croydon Council.  This follows a £65million council budget black hole and series of events including: “In September 2018 the council spent £31.4m buying the hotel in Altyre Road, expecting that it would bring in £1million a year. ‪Now the council is weighing up what to do with the building - which was handed back to the council by administrators”

But who could have seen this coming?
Well it doesn’t take a soothsayer, our article from March 2019 included:
“the council expects to make £1 million a year from the Croydon Park Hotel and £1.4 million from the Colonnades.  This sounds laudable, but what about the risks and accountability for public funds?"
“Croydon council has just added £80 million in debt to its balance sheet.  That’s £620 for every one of Croydon’s 129,000 homes, and is part of the £1.2 billion owed by Croydon Council. When was your family asked if they wanted to be an extra £600 in debt?”
“only a 3% change in margins would find council tax payers lumbered with costs to service the debt.”
“Perhaps council officials and Councillors will be perfect at their roles and never allow a conflict of interest to affect them.  We can only hope they will act beyond reproach”
Read more in the full article:  We don’t believe we are soothsayers.  We just know the track record of Croydon Council.



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