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New Podcast with Dr Lee Jones of The Full Brexit, Sputnik Radio Interview, House of Lords Reform and Croydon Council finances.

This week we're joined on our Podcast by Dr Lee Jones, Reader in International Politics at Queen Mary University of London and founder of The Full Brexit.  We speak with him about the reopening of pubs, the Immigration Bill passing through the House of Commons, Boris’ “New Deal” and the situation in Hong Kong. We then chat with Lee about The Full Brexit and the left-wing case for leaving the EU, his career in Academia, the woke culture in universities and the challenges facing Higher Education. We also discuss Croydon Council and the potential for an elected mayor.
Following our series on House of Lords reform, Mike Swadling writes his view on how we should proceed.  Mike is also interviewed by Sputnik Radio to discuss the Scottish government's latest remoaning about Brexit.  Lastly we have seen further reports of the black hole that is Croydon Council’s finances.


Dr Lee Jones: Pubs Reopening, Immigration Bill, Boris’ “New Deal” & Hong Kong.

“We need to stop trying to squeeze tiny flats onto every brownfield site we can find, round the back of the supermarket, and start thinking about expanding into new dormer settlements.”

“The EU is anti-democratic, not non democratic, it’s anti-democratic, it shifts policy making from spheres of domestic public political contestation like parliaments, into spaces of private interstate diplomacy and it locks in rules and laws that can’t be challenged or changed”

“Universities as institutions campaigned openly for remain, surveys suggest 90% of academics voted for Remain, and academics are a core part of the bitterest and most anti-democratic opposition to Brexit”

“Unfortunately there isn’t really very much of a principled commitment to free speech on University campuses, it’s a major problem.  I think we’re quite likely to see government intervention around this at some point, but they'll never be taken seriously as being committed on grounds of principle as well as prosecuting a culture war, until they also wind back Prevent.”

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Lording a better democracy – House of Lords reform


Following articles by Crispin Williams and Jeremy Wraith, Mike Swadling has written his views on how we should reform the House of Lords.  Let us know what you think of these proposals.  Just reply to this email to send us your views.
"Possibly the very best solution to resolve the challenge of how to complete House of Lords reform is simply to reverse the clock.  For all its faults and failings the undemocratic house, full of hereditary peers, frankly worked quite well."
“The Green Party and UKIP / Brexit Party whilst being diametrically opposed groups, have consistently performed well for the past decade but neither have managed more than 2 MPs."

"I believe this will be more popular for a revising chamber as it would not interfere with the requirement for stable government.  Importantly it would give the opportunity for more minor parties to have national figures, buildout a base, and democratically represent the people."
Full article -

Let us know what you think about these ideas and maybe write up your own.


‘We are the UK of Great Britain and N Ireland… That Includes Scotland,’ – Sputnik Radio Interview

Scotland’s government has threatened to defy Westminster’s attempt to unilaterally control food and environmental standards post-Brexit, setting the stage for the biggest constitutional stand-off between London and Edinburgh, since the 2016 EU referendum. Sputnik spoke to Michael Swadling from the Croydon Constitutionalists, about this.
“Ultimately, Britain is a united nation. There was a referendum, independence lost that and they voted to be part of the UK and part of that is in international treaties, Scotland is with the rest of the UK.”
“I don’t think, unfortunately, we really have a judicial system that’s apolitical anymore and there are many judges who will grab the headlines given the opportunity.”

“They are partaking in the theatre of politics all of the time. I’m not really sure I can pinpoint anything they’ve actually done for Scotland, and sooner or later, the people of Scotland through the Holyrood elections will reflect that fact and I’m sure that will be a bad time for the SNP.“

Article -

Audio -

"Croydon Council announces job cuts amidst £65m budget black hole"

Reported in the former Croydon Advertiser this week, Croydon Council is facing a £65m budget black hole.
“In September 2018 the council spent £31.4m buying the hotel in Altyre Road, expecting that it would bring in £1million a year.
‪Now the council is weighing up what to do with the building - which was handed back to the council by administrators”

Full article -


Please get in touch if you would like to write for us, and stay safe.


Dan Heaton & Mike Swadling

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