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Climate Change article. Interview: Marco Di Paola, Libertarian Party South East Coordinator. Sputnik interview and TPA video on Croydon Council.

Long time Brexiteer Peter Kirby has written an article giving a brief review and some facts on Climate Change.  Running in Tarring for both Worthing Borough and West Sussex County Council we have an interview with Marco Di Paola, the London & South East Coordinator for the Libertarian Party.
Following on from Mike’s TaxPayers’ Alliance article on Croydon Council, they have posted a video on the council and the original article has been reproduced by The Future Cities Project.  Mike was interviewed by Sputnik Radio on the benefits Brexit has brought in vaccine rollout.

Lastly a third Labour councillor has resigned, meaning we are likely to have 3 council by-elections in May, in South Norwood, Woodside and New Addington North wards.

CLIMATE CHANGE – A brief review and some facts
Peter Kirby writes a short article about Climate Change.

“Those seeking to stop the changes are trying to stop the unstoppable and the policies which have been introduced to achieve this are very harmful to the economy, and the scary forecasts based on computer models are exaggerated”

“Science is never settled, it merely establishes hypotheses which stand until a future scientist proves them wrong.  Science must be established on the principle of the scientific method using real evidence, not models”

“The real empirical evidence shown by the present lack of sunspots is leading many scientists to the view that a cold spell is imminent”

Full article:

Marco Di Paola London & South East Coordinator for the Libertarian Party
We interviewed Marco Di Paola the new London & South East Coordinator for the UK Libertarian Party, and candidate in Tarring for both Worthing Borough and West Sussex County Council

“I think it's unfortunate that the current mayor is likely to be re-elected based on which party he represents rather than his ability to do the job. From an outside perspective, all I see is virtuous posturing but little action of relevancy”

“We are only ever told about left vs right in politics and I think that’s for a reason; why would the establishment want you to know that there is a philosophy and way of being that means you don’t need them!?”

“I would persistently challenge them on all areas of spending and be unashamedly looking to reduce the size of the council itself.  I want citizens to keep as much of their own money as possible so they can spend it on services that actually deliver value to them directly“

“People who are pro tax only ever consider it from a ‘rich’ person's perspective (‘they should pay more!’) but I tend to think about how many of the taxes such as VAT and sin taxes are really regressive and disproportionately effect the worst off”

Full article:

Grassroots Update: Croydon council - Testing our better angels
Following the article published by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, they have now published a short video summarising the situation in Croydon.  The original article has also been reproduced by the Future Cities Project.

Brexit Has Allowed Britain to Control its own Destiny – Sputnik Interview

Even the most ardent Remainers must be breathing a sigh of relief that the UK isn’t currently involved in the vaccine chaos engulfing Europe.  Sputnik spoke with Mike about the chaos and the benefits of Brexit.

“They might not like Britain and they don’t like Brexit. But surely, surely, the job of a nation, of a government, is to protect their people’s health. And in this case, put their differences behind them, and actually copy what Great Britain has done and get this vaccine out to people”

“isn’t that they won’t achieve the goal. In the end, it isn’t that they won’t get people vaccinated. But that slowness of the vaccine is just a window of opportunity for the virus to kill more people”

“Local decisions throughout life are always better than decisions in a far away bureaucracy. The closer decisions are made to the person the more suited they are to their needs. Britain had that opportunity as a nation to say what’s best for our interests. And our interests might be different from France’s interest. They might be different from Germany’s interests”

Full article:


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