Happy Mother's Day!

This week, we have changed our Sunday bulletin format to make it easier to use online. We hope this will be more convenient.

On this Mother's Day Sunday, we miss all our parishioners so much! We hope you and your families are doing well.

Our parish staff are here to assist you, and we are praying for you!
A Message from Fr. Meany

po polsku
Dear Parishioners, 
The blue and white flags are flying proudly. We're celebrating the accomplishments of all our young people – preschool to post-graduates! In a particular way, we rejoice with our grammar school families after another year of academic and spiritual formation. 

Congratulations to the Saint John Brebeuf School Class of 2020. The graduation ceremony will take place virtually but this doesn't take away from how proud we are of their contributions to the life of our school and parish. Graduates, we pray for you and hope that we have laid the foundation for a holy and virtuous life. 

As I believe we are now in our 9th week (maybe it just seems that long) of our new reality with the Covid-19 Coronavirus we can take a pause and ask:  “What actually happened in the last few weeks?” Looking back may not be too appetizing, but you may learn something about yourself and your relationships with others. Hopefully, you'll look past all that was lost and see the new and possible. 

I would guess that your life has obviously changed dramatically, but it has also probably changed in subtle, strange, or surprising ways. So I invite you to do a survey of your work life, your creative life, your emotional and physical health. Maybe you didn't expect to start something new regarding your job. Perhaps you adopted better work habits because of restrictions of social distancing, putting limits on the time you worked in order to take care of family members. Maybe you recommitted to reading, or knitting, or learning a language. And it's likely you were resilient in the face of loss or trauma or difficult moments. Things are still unfolding but you have already accomplished possibilities that three months ago you couldn't even imagine. 

On Mother's Day, we acknowledge the mystery of God that continues to unfold and that His presence is made ever new.  

Happy Mother's Day, 
Stay safe!
What's happening this week at St. John Brebeuf?

We may be staying safe at home, but that doesn't mean our busy parish isn't still active. Here are a few things that are going on...
Students from our parish school decorated bags with inspiring messages for the Uncle Pete's Sack Dinner program. Uncle Pete's continues to provide support to homeless shelters. To support this program, mail a check made out to Uncle Pete's Ministries to the Parish Office.
Seminarian Michael Klatt and PSA President Marie Usdrowski are among those who have volunteered to make calls to all of our parishioners to see how everyone is doing. Calls will begin this weekend, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!
Guess who has a birthday next Monday? That's right, Fr. Przemek! Simply reply to this email if you want to send him a birthday message, or look for our Facebook post on Monday!

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Reflections for This Week
First Reading:  Fr. Meany
po polsku

At Pentecost, different languages proved to be no barrier to the Gospel. But now languages threaten to divide, compromising the unity of the people of faith. 

It seems that, from the very beginning, the community of believers established an outreach to program for widows and orphans. Sadly, we hear today that the Hebrew-speaking widows and orphans were favored over those who spoke Greek. 

To counter this bias the apostles, who strive to remain faithful to their leadership role of prayer and proclamation of the Gospel, make a pastoral decision to remedy this slight. The apostles select a group of seven Greek-speaking members to ensure the distribution includes their widows. The source of the disunity has been removed through the leadership of the apostles who cooperate with the Holy Spirit. 

This practical approach addresses the immediate concern and hopefully provides a bridge towards better communication, understanding, and unity. Unfortunately, without continued effort to bring different cultures and languages together, further segregation will occur which fosters silos and can foster more entrenched prejudices in the long run. 
Second Reading:  Fr. Przemek
po polsku

Once I met a seminarian who can serve as a perfect image for today’s second reading.

I met him when we both were going through a training to become hospital chaplains. His road to enter the seminary was quite bumpy to say the least. A bright young man, he had a major defect going against him -- he struggles with stuttering. That speech impediment has become for him a stumbling block on the way to priesthood -- seven seminaries refused to accept him, raising doubts that his stuttering will prohibit him to exercise priestly ministry.

Luckily, one seminary on US west coast decided to give him a chance -- they accepted him and sent him to speech therapy. Now a seminarian became a priest and not only that, but a cornerstone for his parish community. 

“The stone that the builders rejected has become a corner stone” -- a young man who had a hard time expressing himself to others now preaches to a community of faith as a Catholic priest. His story is one of many that prove that for God nothing is impossible.

Can you think of a moment of your life that shows God’s power? 
Gospel:  Fr. Carlton
po polsku
The first part of our Gospel today where Jesus tells his disciples “do not let your hearts be troubled,” is a Gospel passage that is very commonly read at funerals which is obviously a time in people’s lives when they need to hear a positive and hopeful message.

These words from Jesus are worth meditating on and taking some time for reflection on. When Jesus says to not let your hearts be troubled and “you have faith in God; have faith also in me,” what specifically does that mean for you? 

Also, one of the challenges of the Christian faith is to try and develop a level of relationship with Jesus. This is also one of the things that differentiates Jesus from other great figures in history. Martin Luther King, for example, was a great man but is no longer living and so it is not possible to have the kind of relationship with him that is possible with Jesus. I think also that your answer to that question of what the first verses from this statement mean to you will also tell you a great deal about how strong your personal relationship with Jesus is.

Immediately after this in our Gospel, Jesus mentions that “in my Father’s house that are many dwelling places.” In the context of a funeral, this of course can be taken to mean that there enough “rooms” in heaven for the followers of Jesus. However, this can also be expanded to show that there is room for more than one way of doing things, the one way that is normally interpreted as doing it “my way.”

The things that really matter are the acceptance of Jesus, the revelation of the faith and the teachings of the Church and that, beyond that, there are enough “dwelling places” to turn diverse communities into one Church.  How, then, would you interpret this statement today and in your life?

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