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Once again, this newsletter has been drafted at a fabulous EPAD co-working day, when The Morrigan visited the Edinburgh Festival Theatre for World Theatre Day (See info in previous newsletter if you don't yet know EPAD)

There's a fair bit related to the show below, so if you're looking within the newsletter for info on my next public appearance - 11th April - scroll down to the To Boldly Go: Event Horizon heading.

Now, that show...

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The Show

Work is progressing nicely on my ‘Bard-Morrigan' show, Shakespeare’s rich language connecting so beautifully with The Morrigan. There is great power in "a raven's note, Whose dismal tune bereft my vital powers". (Henry VI, III.2)

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Look how delighted The Morrigan would be to have you there...
What do you mean, The Morrigan looks hungry? Why, she has dined on some deliciously satisfying dishes lately...

Creating Visual Theatre from Literature

I am currently enjoying the 'Creating Visual Theatre from Literature' workshop with Al Seed, offered by Physical Theatre Lab. This has already provided immensely useful fodder for The Morrigan!

There is another day of it on Friday 5th April, for which there might still be places - with the understanding that you would be coming in halfway through a workshop. My feel is that the second day could still be useful, but if you are interested without being able to /  wishing to join partway through, there will be further workshops coming from PTL.

This workshop has been great: informative, practical and fun, as well as very reasonably priced.

Psychodrama for Creatives

Also feeding into the show, last month I attended a psychodrama workshop for creatives, led beautifully by Teresa Brown. I loved it!

There were fascinating and lovely people there – special shout out to my partner during this, the wonderful Audrey O’Brien (artist) – and I had a grand time discarding some creative self-doubt and embracing blood passion, stars shining and claw-scratching strength: definitely channelling the Morrigan there!
Self-doubt was represented by Hook, a finger puppet that showed me how weak and floppy self-doubt is when I’m not propping it up! You can see the blood passion and stars shining in the fabulous fabric I strutted about with, and it was coarse enough to have an awesome stealthy, scratching sound when rubbed / rustled.

To Boldly Go: Event Horizon

Thursday 11th April

"Shoreline of Infinity's Event Horizon returns to the Science Festival with a new mix of music, prose, drama, poetry and discussion. We ask whether science fiction can help us respond to the advances in science and technology and guide us to a glorious future or will it lead us to disaster and dystopia? Join in the discussion with a panel including science fiction writer Ken MacLeod and Experimental Architecture expert Professor Rachel Armstrong."

As one of Shoreline of Infinity's 'Infinitesimals', I am delighted to be appearing at this SciFi magazine's Event Horizon. It's a cameo appearance in a live audio drama (can one have an audio cameo?) and the line-up - as ever - looks great: very exciting!

Please note - especially Event Horizon regulars - this is a ticketed event!

Book Now


I saw Jo Clifford’s play based on The Taming of the Shrew at the Tron Theatre, which included some awe-inspiring singing, with musical arrangements and collaboration by the multi-talented Hannah Jarrett-Scott (appearing as Lucentio). The play gender-swapped roles, Bianca and Kate being ‘boys’ played by men, the rest of the characters / cast being women.

In this production, there was strong focus on how nasty the treatment of the shrew was, and I found it uncomfortable viewing: presumably, intentionally so. While not everything worked for me (especially ‘the boys’), I felt it came over strongly if viewed as a mirror to today’s society, rather than expressing what a matriarchal society would be like, including one following on from our current situation - the nominal setting.

A fascinating production, with echoes still rippling for me.

Game of Thrones

Yes, I am excited about this – as well as scared about who’ll meet their end, when and how!

For fellow Bardaholics, Shakespeare of Thrones is worth checking out, looking at all the connections between Game of Thrones and Shakespeare’s works.

Here’s to 14th April and Season 8!

Thank you, Friend, for reading the Danielle Farrow Newsletter!
Do let me know if there is something in particular you'd like to see in the next one. Any questions about the show, perhaps...

Until next time, have fun!

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