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With our first newsletter of 2021, we have some exciting news to share: our latest GAMS release with a new object oriented MATLAB API, a brand new GAMS MIRO with better Excel import and an even better pivot tool, and the official launch of our new product GAMS Engine. In addition, we would like to share a new case study written in collaboration with shoe manufacturer Goertz, as well as a fun football related optimization model written by one of our staff members. 
 Product Development
We are happy to announce the official release of GAMS Version 34. As always, this major release brings many improvements great and small, and new features to the GAMS distribution. Below are some of the important ones.

GAMS Studio
The folks running the NEOS optimization server have made submission of a valid email address mandatory for all job submissions to NEOS. This change unfortunately broke job submission from GAMS Studio, which has now been fixed.
Also new in Studio are custom code folding sections with $onFold / $offFold, an updated MIRO deploy dialog, custom color themes, plus many more stability improvements. 

The Performance of dense operations with out-of-order index positions has been improved.
MATLAB is a de-facto standard in many fields of science and engineering and is a good combination with GAMS. We now include a new object oriented Matlab API with GAMS 34, which is more in line with the existing Python, Java, C++ and .NET APIs. For more details read our blog article on our website.

As always, you can find the full list of all changes in the release notes in our documentation.

Read the full release notes
Our MIRO team has been busy and has bumped MIRO to version 1.3.0. The main new features revolve around data import and export and updates to the pivot tool. It is now possible to import Excel sheets using index sheets, which is very similar to the way things are handled by GDXXRW. As a consequence, import of Excel files does not rely on a predefined arrangement of sheets in the workbook any longer, but can be performed with any kind of data arrangement. Furthermore, scenario data can now be fully exported and imported from MIRO, including all input and output data, and all view definitions and attachments. As an added goodie, importing of delimiter separated files is now more flexible than before.
Read the full release notes
Official Launch of GAMS Engine
GAMS Engine is a server software that allows you to run GAMS models on centralised compute resources, either on-premise or in the cloud. Engine is accessed via a gateway service (the “broker” in Engine terminology) which provides a REST API . The broker accepts jobs sent from a range of clients (GAMS Studio, MIRO Desktop, MIRO Server, or custom clients written in Python, Java, or other programming languages supported by the OpenAPI standard). 
It also provides a simple web user interface , which allows submitting jobs and user administration. Jobs submitted via the broker are placed in a queue, and from there they are assigned to available GAMS workers. Results from the workers are collected by the broker and made available to the user.
Check out the GAMS Engine fact sheet
In other News
Manage Retail Stock Distribution with GAMS
The german shoe manufacturer Goertz regularly faces the challenge of how to redistribute their stocks across 150 retail stores during the sales season. Using GAMS to implement a store-to-store stock redistribution scheme, Goertz has been able to more intelligently redistribute their stock, increase stock availability and at the same time shave off an average of seven days of each redistribution cycle. 
Check out how Goertz technical staff was able to independently implement the model in less than two months and save time and money for the company.
Read the full case study on our website
GAMS optimizes the Kicker Football Manager
Kicker Manager Interactive is an indispensable tool to prove to your friends and colleagues that you have superior soccer knowledge/expertise. Since we at GAMS are also part of this battle, we decided to take our Kicker Manager game to the next level by doing what we do best! Optimize!
Read the full blog entry
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