Bruce McCarl's GAMS Newsletter
Number 45
Hi GAMS User,

Number 45 of the newsletter covers:
1    Features in Releases 30-31
   1.1    GAMS system
   1.2    Solvers
   1.3    GAMS IDE and GDXVIEWER are being replaced
   1.4    Larger DEMO limits and DEMO licenses
   1.5    Free community license
   1.6    Studio
   1.7    GAMS MIRO
2    A new web page
3    Some Issues I have had with STUDIO
4    Dealing with models that are unbounded
   4.1   What causes an Unbounded Model
   4.2   Finding Causes of Unboundedness  -- Basic Theory
   4.3   Details on Large Bound Approach to Resolving Unboundedness
   4.4   NLPs, MIPs and Unboundedness
5    Online Basic, Advanced and Basic-to-Advanced courses offered soon

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