The GAMS 2020
End of Year Newsletter
Dear GAMS User,

With 2020 coming to an end, we wish our partners and our great user community safe and happy holidays! This year was certainly very unusual, and a lot of the things we all take for granted were suddenly not the same any more. We hope you will be able to take a well deserved break from it all. 

For us at GAMS, the pandemic meant that we got to spend a lot of time on some internal projects, which we hope will make GAMS even more useful to you. Below you will find a brief outline of what we were up to this year. 

GAMS LogoProduct development
As always, there were many improvements made to the GAMS base system, too many to list in a newsletter. However, one area really stands out this year: GAMS Studio. The Studio team has had a busy year, and pushed 1449 commits so far in this calendar year. In January 2020 Studio 0.14.1 was still a bit wobbly, but now we are at 1.4.5, with great features and stability on all major platforms. For the curious, you can check the progress and contribute right in the Studio Github repository.

On the solver front, we have added the SHOT solver for MINLPs, XPRESS SLP / Knitro for MINLPs, and we have merged the former two distinct CPLEX links into a new, unified link. We have also done a lot of work on the way GAMS interoperates with Python, introduced a relaxed demo licensing scheme, brand new community licensing, and have finally discontinued 32-bit support for GAMS with release 30 (nobody is really sad because of that). 
We announced the official release of GAMS MIRO, our new deployment tool for GAMS Models, in April. MIRO can take any existing GAMS model, and with a few lines of extra code can turn it into a deployable web application, with a rich set of graphical output formats, scenario management, and full integration with Studio. MIRO is designed for people looking for an easy and automated way to make their GAMS models available to others.
Read more about MIRO on our website
GAMS Engine is our new solution for running GAMS jobs in cloud environments. It provides a REST API that you can connect to either via a newly developed user interface ("GAMS Engine UI"), via GAMS MIRO Desktop, via GAMS Studio, or via any of the clients supported by OpenAPI (Python, Java, Javascript. C++, and more). GAMS Engine automatically schedules your jobs and assigns them to an available GAMS worker to solve it. It comes with a powerful user management system that allows you to restrict the activities of your users.
Read more about Engine on our website
GAMS LogoSocial and Community Activities
Improving NEOS Integration
For many years we have been collaborating with the team at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery at the University of Wisconsin that operates the fabulous NEOS server, hosting 60 different solvers on high performance machines, free to use for the academic community. With the latest changes to our development environment GAMS Studio, submitting jobs to NEOS is as simple as a single click with your mouse. These latest additions even make it possible to run non-commercial workloads with a free GAMS demo license. More details in this blog article.
INFORMS Virtual Conference
The conference calendar was unexpectedly empty this year, but some organizers have tried everything in their power to allow the analytics community to come together virtually. We are a proud sponsor of this year's Informs Virtual Conference, where we showcased our latest MIRO and Engine developments. You can watch it all with this playlist on our Youtube channel.
GAMS Gift Matching Program
As we want to support our colleagues when they help others, we continue our gift matching program. For any donation to a registered charity made by one of the GAMS employees, GAMS doubles the donated amount for those projects that are important to our people.
Thank you all for your support during this crazy year.
Stay safe and have a great start to 2021!
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