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26 April 2020
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The outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China is not only a threat to public health but also for economic and business growth in the country and other parts of Asia.
 My posts
We need your help. Tech KIds Everything. Link

Jupyter Notebook. A Very Short Introduction for Machine Learning. Link

 Free ideas
Google Search should have an option to 'show me' companies impacted by COVID-19 first.

Chrome extension that tells you the word count of an article, so you know whether you have time to read.

A website for discovering the most popular remote work.

 News from everywhere
Parliament by Zoom. A maximum of 50 lawmakers is physically allowed in the debating chamber, with another 120 permitted to join in via Zoom. Link

SpaceX - successful deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed. Elon said in a tweet on Wednesday. Link

COVID Symptom Tracker. App launched to track coronavirus and help combat its spread. Link

Apple Siri. The app will now walk users through the CDC COVID-19 assessment questions and then recommend telehealth apps (If you say, “Hey Siri. Do I have coronavirus,” the voice assistant will walk you through a set of questions and make recommendations based on your responses). Link

Apple, Google, Amazon. They block nonofficial coronavirus apps from app stores. Link

 Books everyone should read
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. How do successful companies create products people can’t put down? Link
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