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Hello <<Minecraft Username>>! 👋

This week, we're featuring new Minecraft Maps
from the Stickypiston Trials.

StickyPiston believes in server aftercare and we watch your server like a hawk, making sure there are no problems. Support has no limitations, no “Fix it yourself” and definitely no extra $£€ addons.

Try our Click-N-Play Installer, manage up to 4 server instances. It only takes 20 ticks to swap between worlds, modpacks and Minecraft versions.

More Minecraft maps for you to try!

Countdown of Doom! 😱⏳

If 2 hours is not enough time to explore these incredible
maps quickly transfer your trial to a
7 day server.
Click the order button before your trial ends.

Minigame Mash is a weekly event where we play three Minecraft Maps with the StickyPiston Community! Events are held every Friday at 7PM (UK).

Join our Discord Community to take part!

That’s all for this week. Stay Crafty!