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This week, we're featuring another Map Maker from the Stickypiston Trials.
SullyMLG is known for making some build battle maps!

You may know SullyMLG from maps such as SullyMLG's Build Battle: Red Edition! Read on for an interview with SullyMLG!
Build Battle Red

3 Rounds, No Before-Hand preparation, automatic countdown!
Play SullyMLG's Build Battle: Red Edition

Read on for more map recommendations.
SullyMLG Interview
We caught up with SullyMLG for an insight into Map Making.

When did you start Minecraft Map Making?
A: Started around August 2021. I've never really fully committed map making, I only do it every now and again and my first map was actually just a map I made in a couple of hours for a video I was going to make which I never actually uploaded.

Q: What is your favourite map that you've made?
A: SullyMLG's Build Battle: Red Edition. It's the most popular map I've made and is the most functional. There are actually a couple of bugs in the map that need ironing out.
Q: What is your favourite map that someone else made?
A: I don't actually play many maps, but I'd have to go with AmirKaka's Planet Parkour 2.

What maps are you working on at the moment?
A: Not working on any actually, I do want to eventually start a new unfair map a friend challenged me to do. (@TheHappywheels1) The only thing I could think of really to answer would be my Build Battle map

Q: What keeps you motivated when working on large map projects?
Honestly, I don't really have an answer to this question. I've never worked on a huge map project and my main motivation would just be to take it as a passion project. Do it for the passion, not for the reason "Because I have to."

Q: What is a challenge you had to overcome whilst making a Minecraft Map?
A: I had to improve several things from my "Build Battle Lime" map, one of those things was an automatic countdown. I had no clue on how to do it and I was getting frustrated that there wasn't any in-built delay command but I found a Youtube video and just used that. Some advice: Youtube videos can either iron your problems or just crease them more. 
Q: What's a feature you would like to see added to Minecraft for Map Makers?
A: An idea could be a "Code Block." It's basically a block that lets you code in it. It's similar to the command block but instead of commands, it's java code. Like a Minecraft mod but in a block. You won't need to have your map users download a custom mod if that mod is required anymore and you just run custom code in vanilla Minecraft.

Q: In your opinion, what key components make a Minecraft Map successful?
A: 1. Length
2. Fun
3. Difficulty

Let's start with the first one. 1. Length.
Let's say you are making a parkour map. What you want to do, is make sure your map isn't too long but you also don't want it to be too short where it's beatable in 20 seconds.

2. You want to keep length and fun balanced out. If you are making your map long, keep it fun. A fun map keeps players playing because well, they're having fun. The longer they're having fun, the more people will be hooked and want to play the next map.

3. Difficulty. You don't want to make your map difficult from the start. You want it to get gradually harder. If it's hard at the start, people will rage quit and not recommend the map.

Have you ever competed in a Map Jam?
A: Nope, too much pressure! I like my stuff to be perfect on release and I really don't enjoy game-breaking bugs happening if I don't have the amount of time necessary. I know the whole point of a map jam is the time restriction but they're just not for me.

Q: What advice would you have for any aspiring Map Makers? 
A: Take it as a passion, stuff will be bad at first, I've only made 3 maps. my stuff is terrible. If you take it as a passion, you can come on and off it when you want to prevent burnout whilst when you force yourself to do it, it will lead to burnout and you won't want to do it.
Want more? Here are some more map recommendations for you to try!
Build Battle Team
Build Battle 2.0 offers you the same enjoyment as normal Build-Battle.

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Build Party
Become the best builder in the
big city in Build Party!

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Building Game
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Countdown of Doom! 😱⏳
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That's all for this week. Stay Crafty!
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