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This week, we're featuring a Team of Map Makers from the Stickypiston Trials.
Command Realm started making maps for Realms back in early 2020

You may know Command Realm from maps such as Boom Doom, and Dragon Wars! Read on for an interview with Command Realm!
Boom Doom

Punch them towards your friends as their countdown reaches zero. This map features over a dozen types of exploding entities, Play Boom Doom

Read on for more map recommendations.
Command Realm Interview
We caught up with Command Realm for an insight into Map Making.

When did you start Minecraft Map Making?
A: Command Realm started making maps for Realms back in early 2020, our first published minigame was Boom Doom which was released later that year; however, before that we started making minigames for fun on one big realm back in August of 2017. 
Q: How many people are part of Command Realm?
A: We currently have 29 people on the team.
Q: What is your favourite map that you've made?
A: Our most popular map so far is Dungeon of the Arbalist! And it is many of the team's favourites.
Q: What is your favourite map that someone else made?
A: Tales of Glarthford. It's an absolutely fantastic experience to play through.

What maps are you working on at the moment?
A: We are currently working on an Untitled Cooking game that resembles Overcooked! Should be out later this year...

Q: What keeps you motivated when working on large map projects?
Community and the feeling that people enjoy our work.

Q: What is a challenge you had to overcome whilst making a Minecraft Map?
A: Keeping a medium-large team motivated in working on projects and keeping them interested in future games. 
Q: What's a feature you would like to see added to Minecraft for Map Makers?
A: Modifiable Player Motion. Currently, there is no way to move players around efficiently. We can move players vertically easily with levitation, but there is no way to horizontally push players without explosions or collisions. 

In your opinion, what key components make a Minecraft Map successful?
A: Replayability, polish, and gameplay. I think one of the reasons Dungeon of the Arbalist or Would You Rather are so popular, is the gameplay loops being very different each time you play. 

Have you ever competed in a Map Jam?
A: Yes. Map jams are really unique experiences where you make something by yourself or with friends. They're great for coming up with new ideas or game prototypes and meeting other mapmakers. Make sure to take care of yourself and try to distribute the workload throughout the length of the jam (don't wait until the end like we did).

Q: What advice would you have for any aspiring Map Makers? 
A: Make something you are proud of and don't be afraid to ask for criticism.
Want more? Here are some more map recommendations for you to try!
Dungeon of the Arbolist
Prove your worth as an arbalist. Get to the centre and beat the boss!

Play Dungeon of the Arbalist
Would you rather
Compete in Would You Rather, the game show hosted by Gene!

Play Would You Rather
Dragon Wars
You will zoom around the arena, grab loot, and fight your friends! 

Play Dragon Wars
There are two teams: runners and gladiators. Sneak to the finish line!

Play Stealthiators
Countdown of Doom! 😱⏳
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That's all for this week. Stay Crafty!
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