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Hello <<Minecraft Username>>! 👋

This week, we're featuring more Minecraft Maps
from the Stickypiston Trials.

Ever recieved a message from StickyPiston asking permission for your map? That's because we like to keep a search for new maps that could be added to the trials and getting to know more mapmakers.

We like to add on to the family that's onto the StickyPiston website as Minecraft Maps are important to us due to the history and involvement each creator has making them.

Whether they be from 2011 like Disco's Cake Defense to 2021 maps such as Dominexis's Gladiator Games, all maps from all different versions and different methods will be valued. You can play all these types of maps either by yourself or with your buddies by going over to

More Minecraft maps for you to try!

Countdown of Doom! 😱⏳

If 2 hours is not enough time to explore these incredible
maps quickly transfer your trial to a
7 day server.
Click the order button before your trial ends.


Minigame Mash is a weekly event where we play three Minecraft Maps with the StickyPiston Community! Events are held every Friday at 7PM (UK).

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That’s all for this week. Stay Crafty!