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Coaches' Update


Hi everyone!

The official call for training plans for the Winter 2021 season is upon us, with the winter training cycle kicking off January 4!

Given the uncertainty of the Spring racing season, we are strongly advocating that everyone pick a target race distance for the weekend of May 1-2. Once we get closer to the date, we can determine what racing options are available to the group based on COVID conditions and guidelines. With everyone training towards the same weekend, this will provide cohesiveness in both training and racing (in whatever capacity it happens in).

There are two options for training plans this cycle: custom plans and stock plans for 5K, 10K, and half marathon distances (NEW!). Similar to the base-building plan we offered over the summer, stock plans will provide structure and guidance, without the individual customization our standard coaching provides. A stock plan is a good choice if you are looking to maintain base fitness and stay motivated, while a custom plan may be a fit if you have more specific fitness goals for the spring. 

If you are unsure which approach makes the most sense for you, reach out!


Plan requests: If you would like to request a plan, please email by midnight on January 2 (tonight!). Please ensure you provide us with the following info to help develop your training plan:

  1. What is your goal race distance? If you have a different target race day than May 1-2, please let us know the date. Note: please consider targeting these dates so you will have runners to train virtually with! 

  2. How many days a week do you plan to run?

  3. What has your training looked like in the last month? Tell us about your weekly mileage and long run distances.

  4. What was your average mileage and peak mileage in your last training cycle?

  5. Have you taken two weeks off recently? Tell us about it!

  6. Any injury history we should be aware of?

  7. Where are you at mentally with your training - both in general and currently during this pandemic?

  8. Anything else you want to tell us that will help us coach you? The more info the better!

Colin & Meghan

Survey: 2021 Community, Social, and Merch Initiatives

We need your help planning our 2021 activities and merch! We want to make sure we're producing events, branded gear, and community initiatives that reflect the interests and needs of our group and want to hear from you.

If you have a spare 10 minutes, please take a moment to fill out a quick survey. 

Click for Survey!

Sarah "Buns of Steel" Laberge's January Squat Challenge

As a way to build strength and teamwork over the winter, HPRR member Sarah Laberge is leading a 30-day squat challenge! Over the course of the 30 days, the challenge works through 5 different types of squats (and also includes rest days).

Sarah has led this challenge at work twice, and each time people have said it's motivating to know others are participating and that they feel stronger by the end.

Here's how it works:

  • Add your name to the sign-up sheet on Google Drive (there are already over 30 people signed up!)

  • Each day, there's a certain number of squats to complete (e.g. On day 1, complete six reps of each squat)

  • For the squats that include back kicks and side leg lifts, do HALF the number of reps per leg (e.g. Day 1 complete 3 back kicks on the left leg and 3 back kicks on the right, do the same with the side leg lift). Full plan is below! 

  • Once a daily squat challenge is completed, give yourself a 'sticker' on the sheet, either in the form of a drawing shape or emoji.

  • Note: some days have you complete the circuit a few times (repeat x2 means complete the circuit twice)

If you have any questions, please comment on Sarah's Facebook post.

Sign Up for the Squat Challenge


Group runs are on hiatus until further notice.
We miss you all and can't wait until it's safe to be able to run with you again.


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