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A Newsletter Evolution...

Hi Rogues!

Buckle in: this newsletter is jam-packed with updates as we ramp up our programming and initiatives. 

Before that, a note: this newsletter has been a great touch-point, but it's time for a change! Hilary (and other die-hard fans), do not fret: a newsletter will still go out. We're just going to change our approach a touch: rather than sending an email on the first Friday of every month, we'll be sending out newsletters at less regular intervals, and will use them to communicate larger programming updates. 

We'll continue to post day-to-day announcements and notifications in our Facebook group.

Exec Team Update

Another bittersweet update we wanted to share with everyone is that Eve "never-met-a-vat-of-ketchup-she-didn't-love" Bennett will be stepping away from her role on the Exec Team.

Eve is a founding exec team member and Rogue Runner OG. Her contributions over the past 5+ years have been nothing short of immense. Eve was the architect of the Rogue Runners' community initiative approach and established the fundamentals of how we engage and vet the organizations we work with.

Eve probably struck up the first conversation you had at your first Rogue run and, dare we say, her energy is likely the reason so many of you came back the following week. It's hard to articulate our gratitude for everything Eve has done behind the scenes for and with this group in one paragraph, but at its simplest: thank you, Eve.

While she may be leaving the exec team, she's not really going anywhere. How could she? She's a Rogue Runner to her core. She's currently one of the group leaders of the 6:30/km pace group, so on Sunday, please join us in celebrating everything she has achieved and the incredible amount of time she has dedicated to creating this wonderfully inclusive and accessible space!

- Giana, Danielle, Colin & Meghan

Weekday Workouts are Coming Back!

"Hey Execs, when are Wednesday & Friday workouts coming back?"

This is the #1 question we've been receiving recently. Well, team: we have an update. If everything continues to be OK COVID-wise, we are looking to resume weekday workouts on Friday, August 27 at 6:30PM.

Our Wednesday and Friday drop-in workouts are a staple for the Rogue Runners, and are a great way to meet the coaches and get a feel for our group. If you are dropping in, workout details will be made available at the run. Total run distance typically ranges from 6-10K.

Join a Rogue Runner Committee

Community Initiatives Committee

Giving back is truly at the heart of who we are as a run club. If you're interested in joining our Community Initiative organizing committee, our first meeting of the season will be on Sunday August 22 at 4PM (Google Meet link)

This session will be an intro for those interested in being on the committee to what our core values are, a review of the groups we previously have worked with, and the activities we've done to support them.

We'll touch on how we select the groups and initiatives we work with and do a quick brainstorm of potential groups or causes we'd like to engage with in the future.
Social Committee (NEW!)

Do you like to party? Let's rephrase that - do you like to plan parties? A big part of the Rogue Runners is the friendships and relationships that we have developed with each other outside of running.

We need your help planning our social calendar! These events would be anything from park potlucks, pub nights, to cheer stations and ultra-race support crewing. Join us for our first Social committee meeting of the season on Monday August 23 at 7PM (
Google Meet Link)

We're looking for someone to take the lead and helm this committee, so please let us know if that person is you!

Call for Skills!

Giana is out of ideas, isn't a designer, and can't spel. Danielle is tired of fixing her mistakes. We need your help!

Is there something that you think you can help us improve on? Let us know! Areas we're looking for support on: 
  • Graphic design (think: developing social graphics for events & initiatives) 
  • Photography (whether you have a professional camera or not, we need help capturing some great shots of our runs!) 
  • Copywriting/proofreading (help write the newsletter & build out our website!) 
  • Merchandise ideation (sourcing and designing Rogue branded non-running apparel and products)
If this sounds like you, please shoot us an email at and let us know how you'd like to support! 

Rogue Perk: Super Power 5K Discount

Cindy has kindly shared a promo code for the Super Power 5K, taking place on October 24 on Toronto Island!

Use code ROGUE10 for 10% off the entry fee (which includes the ferry to the island). Early-bird pricing ends August 15!

If you're registering, don't forget to join the High Park Rogue Runners team!
Register here

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