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Insight Added (#83)

Think, Feel and Act Like a Leader

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Think Like a Leader

How do you think people see you? Constant as the moon – or as unpredictable as the weather?  The words "mode" and "mood" have a common root – does your mood affect your mode?

Feel Like a Leader

Leaders routinely have to deal with multiple issues, coming at them from all directions.  Not all will be pleasant, so if how you feel directly affects your public mood you may well be an unpredictable leader, with colleagues never quite sure how they will find you.

Act Like a Leader

Do you consciously work to manage your mood, so that colleagues feel they can approach you regardless of what is swirling around you?  Like all personal disciplines it takes time and practice, but a stable and consistent leader will get better results from their team.
One of the biggest challenges for our personal mood management is when things don’t go to plan.  Carla Miller is a leadership coach who gears much of her work to women.  In this podcast, When Things Don’t Go To Plan she shares some tips including:
  • Mindset tips for reframing and letting go when things don’t go to plan
  • The difference between productive and unproductive worries
  • How you can choose the emotions you want to feel
  • Why accepting reality and releasing expectations is such a powerful way to live a happier life
Leaders Listen!
Bruna Martinuzzi explains how not to be a moody leader and why moods are important at work.

A boss’s mood is crucial at any time, and perhaps even more so during times of crisis. She references work done by Sigal Barsade, a management professor at Wharton, describing how emotions in the workplace influence job performance, decision making and teamwork.  Through what she calls “emotional contagion,” negativity can transmit from one person to another, like a virus. And a leader’s mood, because of their position and power, is the most contagious of all.
Leaders Read!
The Leader's Mood Impacts the Group is a short, crispy video from Jim Clemmer, who looks at how the emotional intelligence of the leader plays out – and affects performance.
Leaders Watch!

The Leader's View

When we see certain cloud formations we often talk about moody views – and this is one of Ben Lomond, that fits that description.  Taken from the Gargunnock Road in Stirling at twilight on the first day of ‘winter time’ in late 2021, it shows how clouds and light combine to show off the natural landscape.

Longer Read

One of John Maxwell’s most influential books is ‘Developing the Leader Within You’, published by Thomas Nelson in 2000.   In this early work, he lays out 10 principles of leadership and team building and explains how leadership skills are developed throughout a lifetime of practice.  

He explains that the leader who influences others to follow only, is a leader with certain limitations. The one who influences others to lead others is a leader without limitations. As part of influencing others he advises this:
  • Become aware of feelings that could cause a problem.
  • Figure out the source of those feelings.
  • Identify the places where your thinking trips you.
  • Replace poor attitudes with positive ones.
  • Declare your intention to think positively.

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"Mood has to be controlled. Otherwise, it's your master.”
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