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Think, Feel and Act Like a Leader

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Think Like a Leader

In the last newsletter of the year, it is good to think about how to be a better and kinder leader – not only a ‘successful’ one.  Being kind to others is seldom the number one priority for most leaders. That is not to say they think how to be deliberately unkind but rather, with multiple and often competing priorities, it simply gets pushed out of sight.

Feel Like a Leader

Kindness is behaviour marked by generosity, consideration, and concern for others, without expecting praise or reward – not usually what we feel about being a leader.

Act Like a Leader

Incorporating kindness into our character needs us to be intentional – it won’t happen unless we take deliberate actions. Could you incorporate one deliberate act of kindness into your day, every day?
Mary Portas is well known for her work in helping the retail sector adapt to rapidly changing times. She has a podcast series called ‘The Kindness Economy’ and, in this episode, she talks to Anna Blackburn of the Beaverbrooks’ jewellery business.
Leaders Listen!
There is Strength in Kindness: Why Kind Leadership Matters. By Emily Marsh

'Being kind isn't a weakness in leadership.

Kindness hasn’t always been high on the list when thinking about leadership. For some, leadership is about maintaining your status, being strong, and having people do what you say.

For some, kindness is seen as a weakness, a watering down of decisive decision-making, or just the latest fad in a long line of new-fangled leadership hype.

Organisations that thrive are those that cultivate a culture of open feedback, mentoring, and empowering people. Being a kind leader is the next step in people-led leadership and is quickly being seen as essential to success.

Kind leaders are good leaders
Kind leadership brings in all the different elements of authenticity, transparency, warmth, building trust, and empowering people. So when we talk about kindness, what we really mean is including a little of each of these different subsections of being a good leader in your day to day approach and intent.

We’re not talking about random acts of kindness, but intentional leadership with a clear understanding of how we show up for ourselves and our employees.

We’re talking about leadership with good intent and wanting to do the best by our business and our staff.

So what does kind leadership mean to you? How do you see it playing out in others and how do you do it yourself?

Kind doesn’t mean weak
Organisations should no longer pigeon hole the bold and assertive “Fiery Red”s into leadership roles or label the “Mellow Yellows” by their softer skills and people focus.

The world has moved on. Leaders - good leaders - are very capable of making good and strong business decisions, even tough decisions, with kindness.

Kind leaders do 5 things well

1 Kind leaders set clear expectations.
2 Kind leaders give honest feedback.
3 Kind leaders encourage growth.
4 Kind leaders are transparent in their decision-making.
5 Kind leaders facilitate a happier, more profitable workforce.

A kind leader is a strong leader. How can you lead with more kindness? And what impact might this have on your people and your results?'

Leaders Read!
In this Mindset Moment, Simon Sinek talks about the power of kindness and the chemical reaction we have to acts of generosity.
Leaders Watch!

The Leader's View

Winter – and Christmas – Festivals have been around for a long time but in 2020 Covid stopped a lot from happening.  Despite some restrictions there seems to be a determination to get them back and the events firm Itison has launched a new venture in the splendid location just outside Glasgow Art Gallery. Installing Scotland’s largest outdoor ice-skating experience there really brings popular entertainment to a site more known for its history and making knowledge available to the people of Glasgow and beyond.

Longer Read

Irrational Kindness: The Crazy Pursuit of an Extraordinary Life by Kevin Williams (Author), Bob Goff (Foreword) and published by Morgan James Publishing in January 2021.

Often the idea of being irrational is smeared with negative connotations. It can sound illogical, senseless, unjustifiable, or groundless. It may even represent ludicrous and mad behaviour!

But Kevin Williams argues that being irrational can be just the opposite. And it is the most positive, inspiring, and empowering way to be.

Being irrational has to do with thinking outside the box―way outside. It has to do with viewing life as a journey and still being willing to reverse the route, shake things up, or flip the map upside down. Why? Not just to be different, but to make a difference.

Irrational Kindness can serve as a harmonious reminder that one's hopes and dreams do not have to be derailed―not by their fears, their pasts, or by people who make them feel like they have to know everything to be successful, or even just to get started.

Throughout its pages, Kevin provides the inspiration everyone needs to favour understanding over being understood and prioritise kindness―toward themselves as well as others―over everything.

Williams is a successful fast-food franchisee holder with Chick-fil-A and brings his experience from front line service delivery.

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"Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. "
Jim Rohn
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