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Think, Feel and Act Like a Leader

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Think Like a Leader

One of my favourite T-Shirt slogans is ‘I’m their leader. Which way did they go?’ This will give any genuine leader an uncomfortable laugh, knowing that there is an element of great truth in this apparent humour. How seriously do we think about ‘followers’? After all, if no-one is looking to you, are you a leader? And, if they are, are you worthy of their trust?

Feel Like a Leader

The thought that others are always looking to you can be a daunting one. And so it should be.  When you start feeling as if it doesn’t matter what others think of you it can be a dangerous shift. Of course you can’t only be influenced by that, but it does pay to reflect on it from time to time.

Act Like a Leader

The best leaders also make the best followers – and this might be the real test of how you act as a leader. Because the best followers become the best leaders. Are you loyal? Do you have a service mindset? Do you play by the rules? Do you know your role? Do you understand where you should lead – and where you should follow?
One of the first ‘motivational’ speakers I ever heard – on cassette tape! – was the late Zig Ziglar.  Motivational speakers have mixed press, but I always enjoyed his kindly, practical, down to earth approach – delivered in a wonderful Southern USA drawl.

He is generally considered to be the ‘father’ of the motivational speaking sector. This highlights his faith foundations, but he was an influential business speaker as well as the writer of over 30 books. 

The podcast comes from ‘Leaders, Followers, and Everything In-Between’. Click below or listen to his books on Audible.
Leaders Listen!
Who are Leaders and Who are Followers?

It’s always good to look at research on a topic that you are interested in – not just ‘opinion’ articles.  There are some interesting points from this study. Using YouGov Profiles this article shows the differences between people who consider themselves leaders and those who consider themselves followers.

Their analysis of more than 48,000 Britons reveals that almost four in ten (39%) consider themselves to be more of a leader, while a quarter (26%) feel themselves more of a follower. About a third (32%) identify with neither, while the remaining 3% say “don’t know”. 

Some of the findings seem curious to me – others not so much. Worth a look and a short read. Click through for the full article.
Leaders Read!
It’s always good to have a laugh when you are learning!  This ‘Candid Camera’ clip really dates me, but once you have stopped laughing, ask yourself ‘Am I looking for mindless followers?’ And do I have any clue why people are following me?

And, believe it or not, this behaviour was deemed quite acceptable 50 years ago!
Leaders Watch!

The Leader's View

There were once almost 1000 AA ‘Sentry’ Roadside Boxes across the UK but there are only 19 remaining – the march of progress no doubt, but they do remind us of a different age – and when driving was very different. The first was constructed in 1911. 

You can see this historical landmark near Grantown on Spey – on the road to Forres, at the junction of the A939 and A940.


Longer Read

Follow the Leader; The One Thing Great Leaders Have that Great Followers Want was written by Emmanuel Gobillot, and published by Kogan Page in 2013. 

Gobillot is a management consultant and brings an unusual perspective to leadership – what do followers look for? Of course, one of the great challenges of leadership is that followers will be very different – and what they look for in their leaders will vary – often quite significantly. However, Gobillot brings out some of the key features that followers look for – and reminds us of the importance of remembering to think about who you hope is following you.

One of his key points is a tip on how to gain followers. Aspiring leaders must tap into emotional logic, which is made up of “values, character and achievement” and then reminds us that “actions are the litmus test of charisma.”

He says that real leaders ignite their followers with charisma, which has eight components: compassion, hope, asperity, rhetoric, integrity, simplicity, measurement, and action.  Each of these are excellent learning points and he expands on them in the book.

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"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."
Tom Peters
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