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Think, Feel and Act Like a Leader

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Think Like a Leader

VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) certainly describes today’s business environment. These are head spinning times, and sometimes it feels as if you have to tense every muscle simply to stay standing still long enough to allow clarity of thought. But successful leaders don’t just react – they aim to get ahead of problems and situations, and they prepare themselves for being able to respond in new ways to new scenarios.

Feel Like a Leader

Leaders can easily be caught up in the prevailing uncertainty, feeling confused and stuck. Adam Grant called it languishing, “a sense of stagnation and emptiness … as if you’re muddling through your days, looking at your life through a foggy windshield.” But leadership is about moving through these feelings – acknowledging them but not being governed by them. One method of moving through such feelings has come across from medical interventions – behavioural activation.

Act Like a Leader

Understanding the need for continuous reinvention is a core leadership attribute - but is worthless unless it leads to action – and change. And like most sustainable and real change it comes from incremental actions and improvement, seldom from a ‘big bang’.
Hamza Khan is establishing himself as one of the new generation of young leaders eager to bring new approaches to leadership. Described as ‘an insightful, engaging, and inspiring speaker, he’s inclusive, humorous, and motivating. He resonates with every audience – from young leaders to seasoned executives. He’s honest, intelligent, and progressive.’ Listen to him being interviewed here.
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How Leaders Reinvent Themselves

Another great article from – still one of the best sites for relevant, easy to read features on key business issues. And a great example of reinvention – from a traditional print magazine to one of the best online resources available.  In this article by Samuel Bacharach, McKelvey-Grant Professor at Cornell University, provides a simple ‘how-to’ framework on how to keep reinventing yourself. 
1. Observe 2. Acknowledge  3.Connect  4. Fail  5. Anticipate
“All of this comes with a serious caveat: Don’t reinvent yourself ad nauseum, and don’t change because others demand it. Don’t acquiesce to every new thing - you must always rely on your core strengths.”
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Stop Managing, Start Leading

A hugely popular TedX Talk from Hamza Khan delivered at Ryerson University. A number of years ago I did some studies at the Ryerson campus in the heart of Toronto.  This captures the vitality and thoughtfulness of this Canadian and gives an insight into why he has been so successful.
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The Leader's View

Nardini's of Largs, is one of Scotland's most famous cafes, renowned for its ice cream parlour and beautiful art-deco look – both inside and out. First opened in 1935 it is a landmark attraction synonymous with a trip "doon the water". 

But it too has had to reinvent itself. It re-opened in December of 2008 following a multi-million-pound refurbishment that has seen the building restored to its past glory with a new contemporary feel. And perhaps that is the key to reinvention – keep what is core to your being but make it relevant and welcoming to a different audience.


Longer Read

‘Leadership, Reinvented.  How to Foster Empathy, Servitude, Diversity, and Innovation in the Workplace’  written by Hamza Khan  and published by Rockridge in 2021.

Khan takes an overview of leadership, highlighting what needs to change in the 2020s. He highlights that traditional leadership has been long overdue for reinvention and then sets about illustrating practical strategies and tools for modern leaders and organisations. He believes effective leadership skills now need to be based on four key pillars: empathy, serving others, diversity, and innovation.

In the book he includes:
  • An intro to new leadership — Learn more about what it means to be a modern leader and the positive impact new leaders can have on the workplace.
  • Diverse experiences — Reflect on the triumphs and challenges of diverse employees and how their leadership experiences add value to the modern workplace.
  • A leadership road map — Map your path to success with templates and helpful guidance to design your own customized leadership plan.

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...without a little reflection, there is no Insight Added.
"Be prepared to reinvent yourself. Be prepared to go out on a limb occasionally and be prepared to do the things that you feel strongly about."
Hillman Curtis
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