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Dear <<First Name>>,

I hope your holiday weekend was a good one! Recently I sent a packet of information by mail on how a customer in <<Region>> might view your marketing efforts. I followed up with a comparison of all the breweries and ranked each on their storytelling capabilities. I hope these resources were useful to you and the team at <<Company>>, happy to discuss. And if they didn’t get to you, I can resend, or it’s available immediately at<<Region>>.

I'm following up to help you tell your story in 3 sentences. Why? When I was researching the <<Region>> market, I was surprised to discover how few <<Industry>> companies told their story to customers. Look at the graphic below – shocking that companies aren’t more transparent on what their brand stands for, how they are different from their competitors and what theme is used to communicate consistently.


Breweries telling a complete brand story in <<Region>>

This is how customers shop today - they want to know the brands they buy. Hopefully it helps frame where I see <<Company>> fitting into the storytelling spectrum. You have great beers and a solid following in the <<Region>> market. May I suggest that taking the necessary time to review your brand positioning will go miles to help you tell an even stronger story: online, in your tasting room, at retail and any other touchpoint with the customer. Here’s my approach:
  • Know the origin story: how you came to be.
  • Describe the company’s mission: its purpose and why it exists.
  • What is the company’s vision: where it aspires to be in the future.
  • Define the business of your company and the product it delivers.
  • Describe the product quality and features in customer terms.
  • List the benefits or advantages you want customers to associate with your brand.
  • Identify how you differ from competitors.
  • Describe why a customer would find you relevant or meaningful to them individually.
  • What voice will you be using to communicate.
  • Define the promise you will make to existing customers and prospects.

Once you've answered those questions, it's easier to write a customer-facing brand story in 3 sentences. Hope that is useful.

Competition for customers is growing in <<Region>>. As an advisor, I have the unique ability to cater my efforts to deliver what <<Company>> needs to stand out, not to blend in. In the meantime, I will send tips and insights that may be of use to <<Email Address>> if it's okay with you. You can opt-out at any time.

Cheers, make it a good week!

Scott Kolbe
(224) 999-0547<<Region>>

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