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Please join Coffee Chatter Saturday, June 27, 2020 , Time 11:00 AM for a Zoom session on Race and Show Business. A Special Guest speaker will help us maintain a positive atmosphere, where everyone is invited to LISTEN and SPEAK productively. 

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Time: Jun 27, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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                           Coffee Chatter and Racism
So here is how we stand. I think its a beautiful thing. 

 Actor/Director Michael Gavino

I am proud to be a part of an organization that reaches out to the whole of the entertainment community. I am especially proud of our outreach to undeserved communities. We have helped many in tangible ways that have improved their careers. I look forward to the future with hope and optimism.

 Actress Jackie Marriott

Change for freedom, unity and respect is the call. You going to answer that? Or let it go to voicemail.....again!

 Director Ron Moseley

The shift that is going on right now, the unrest, the stress and strife amidst the COVID virus is a perfect storm of sorts. It’s a necessary evil that has been long coming.

And imagine- if we weren’t in a state of limbo behind the lock down, we might have missed the opportunity to sound the alarm on the injustices that would probably have been in and out of the news cycle in a matter of days.

Whether it’s another senseless killing by law enforcement or the president’s (lack of) response to it, let’s remember, now more than ever, that things definitely happen for a reason ...

.. Let’s stay vigilant and determined that this time it’s for the right reason.

 Writer Sarah Charlene Poindexter
Every great state in our union along with cities around the world, including all 54 countries in Africa protested police brutality and racism - from the Amish, to the K-pop community, from little children to major corporations, from poor communities to Beverly Hills and it's been glorious! 

 Director Mary Lou Belli

We can do better. And we must. Let's start with a real intention to Listen.
Mary Lou Belli 😷 
2 time Emmy Award winning Director

  Actor Rajeev Chhibber
 I am at loss how to express the pain I feel and honestly deeply scared under this Trump rhetoric which is getting worst everyday. I honestly believe that he has flamed the hatred more than ever before and healing will only begin in serious rules change with democrats in 75% in power in both houses and Presidency with a person of color as VP.

 Actress Graciela Patino 
"Open your heart to bettering yourself. You will see the choice has always been yours." 

 Actress Cindy D'Andrea(Creator of Cat Shit Crazy)

"I believe that we must all be brave enough to look within ourselves and connect 
to our feelings, our imperfections, our anger, our shame, our hearts,
our bodies, our minds and our souls.  Only then will we see that kindness,
compassion, understanding and love for ourselves (and others) will bring us closer to 
changing the world." ~ Cindy D’Andrea

 Actor Adolphus Ward 

Our government is an institution. Institutions like people have a personality. As such our government has a public and a private face. America's public face is, '…freedom and justice for all.' America's private face is, '…freedom and justice for white people who are wealthy.' America is and has always been intrinsically unequal. Black citizen attempts to force America to live its public face has and will continue to be met with police and military violence. The more intense the black efforts to change America's private face the more police and military violence will increase.  
 Tammy Lynn of Spotlight PR

“The entertainment industry has a unique position in our culture. It has the potential to lead the way with inclusion, diversity and equality. It can literally show others the way. And, as a member of this industry, I am committed to this belief. Black Lives Matter. Black Artists Matter. Black Stories Matter. You deserve to have a voice. You deserve to see your own reflection on-screen. You deserve to inspire others with your stories. Let’s all work together to move this industry and our collective society forward by taking conscious and effective actions to change our future.” -- Tammy Lynn, Senior Publicist/Founder of Spotlight PR Company

 Actor Andray Johnson

It has come the time where our Government and our Country must hold itself accountable for the TALK they have given since the stealing of this land from the Native Americans, pushing Mexicans south of their borders, capturing and dragging Africans from their homeland and force them to a labor against their will and sold them as property.  All the while boasting to be a land of prosperity and freedom to all.  That LIE has come into fruition and that Chicken has come home to roost.
The result and only cleansing that will work is to RID our Government, our Law Enforcement agency, our Banks, our Religious beliefs, our sport team owners and our Education facilities free from those who insist on holding onto and promoting a White Supremacist/superiority belief.  As long as they occupy any of the above mentioned positions, there will be a problem. It was that mindset that started the ball in motion and that mindset continues to cause havoc on those who do not look like them.
Until we INSIST on exterminating that mindset, the problems of injustice and inequality will continue to happen like the seasons change.
THAT is the only solution

 Actor Raymond Forchion

" In this time of uncertainty and heightened tensions, not only politically, but also for our own health and tension between the races... know that the solution is clear... it's also biblical... in the book of Micah Chapter 6, Verse 8 it says... "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  And what does the LORD require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your GOD."  Know also to: "Hate evillove good; maintain justice in the courts..." Amos, Chapter 5, Verse 15.   Wherever these are not followed chaos is created....

 Actress Linda Harcharic

"At last, cell phone videos, social media, and a diverse population speaking out and taking to the streets have spotlighted 
centuries of systemic discrimination and demanded change in our country and across the world.  We must continue this momentum 
and remind ourselves daily that nothing changes until each of us makes the choice to change and hold each other responsible for our 
actions.  People need to be judged for their actions - not the color of their skin, nor their gender, nor where they came from, nor who and 
how they love.  Out of the hundreds of daily choices we make, inclusion of our diverse fellow humans is the most imperative.”

 Director Leonard R, Garner, Jr.

The first time I remember being aware of racism was when I was 4 years old.  My parents had put me in a nursery school and it was racially mixed.  I played with my classmates and having fun.  One day a girl I had been playing with told me her Mommy said I was a n-gg-r and she could no longer play with me.  I didn’t know what that was and didn’t find out until I told me Mother. That was 63 years ago and it still continues, but I will go to my grave believing in and fighting for equality, justice and freedom for all. Even for stupid people like that little girl’s Mother.

 Lynne Burnett 
To my courageous friends and colleagues, thank you so much for allowing me to print your personal quotes, experiences and opinions on racism, diversity and inclusion. Race is a difficult subject for all of us to talk about. We all have friends in many hues. The good thing is that we can talk about race. I see this as a plus. I did not say we were all going to agree at every point but its a step in the right direction that we are fearless in at least speaking about race. Stay strong, stay true and stay connected. 

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