Issue #4:
The Outbreak Edition

Eeetings <<First Name>> (that's "greetings" through a face mask).

It's 8.30pm, you're with Jason Townsend here on the latest edition of the Jewellers Coworking Extra.

**Cue signature ABC News intro jingle**

Let's start with a recap of the latest news from across the North East region...


Of sanity. Oh, and co-working until March 30.

Yes, it's been an interesting 2020 so far. With fires and now an international virus pandemic, it's time to start wondering what possible shit storm could be around the next corner. Fights over canned foods and TP? While the CV won't give you the runs, maybe the Indian cuisine stored incorrectly due to the binge watching of that new Netflix series during isolation, might? Hmmm.

Media hype aside, we're taking the latest news seriously and are closing our doors to casuals until March 30, 2020. This is as a health precaution to do our bit in "flattening the curve" (and to get some shit done at home!).

Members (who have a key) are welcome to continue coming in, but there won't be a welcoming committee, sorry! Just let us know on Slack if you're coming in.

And if you're on a recurring membership and would like it paused, we can do that for you, no problems. Just get in touch.

Stay healthy, people!

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In Times of Crisis, Hustle On!

Just because you can't kiss anyone (like, ewwww!) doesn't mean your biz stops. Neither does ours! 

So this section of our update is to inspire you to keep kickin' goals while you're kickin' back on the sofa at home.

Some (Marginally) Useful Info

I've used 15 min to do some quick "Googling" of some topics that may be useful. I'll let you decide...

How to work from home with kids (9 tips) - Good resource to the mummy and daddy hustlers. #2 is an interesting one... 

Looking after #1 when working from home - A decent ABC article highlighting the need to nurture your mental health and avoid resorting to impulse bog roll buying...

How to video conference like a BOSS - This is actually a pretty average article, but it's the only one on PAGE 1 of Google for "video conference like a boss" that actually had content. I had to include it.  

Some Special Offers!

What's a good crisis without a special offer?

Turn your spare time into a gold mine by getting some A+ assistance with your gig. Each of us, Ro and Jase, have a couple of offers going that you (or your peeps) might benefit from.

Check it out and please share! 

Small Biz Mentoring

Est. 2019, JT offers small business mentoring through an Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) initiative. You get a 2hr session for $25 (which is crazy-good, right!) in which you can either get some sick new ideas (minus the medical sickness), or even get him to do some of your dirty work.

Local SEO, website edits, setting up online stores, marketing strategy, social media, online invoicing, and more.

He's a pretty switched on dude, so it's best to contact him direct with your query to see if he can help you.

And yes, all "face-to-face" sessions will be conducted via video conference at the time you choose.

Contact Jason
Or Book a Mentoring Session

Start Selling Online TODAY!

Ro, THE resident website guru, has developed a super simple (for you) way to get an online store in a half-day - ready to sell your wares.

Yep, it is that fast. And it's integrated seamlessly with Square POS reader so your inventory is synced automatically.

For $300+G.S.T, he'll help you get cash flowing to your biz as soon as possible. Because let's face it, people are going to keep buying (one could argue that drunk, zombie-film-induced impulse buying could spike!?), so you need to make it a piece of cake to do just that.

It's like smashed avo with Vegemite: Ingenuity stems from these desperate times when someone clearly ran out of butter... 

Check It Out

Events Happening Nearby


Coworker Spotlight

Jason Townsend - Co-Host @ Jewellers and SEO Copywriter

"Oh, you deal with copyright stuff. I get it."

No, no he doesn't.

Copywriting is a form of writing - for marketing purposes. Websites, flyers, blog writing, social media, email newsletters etc. That is what Jason does under his own banner (Copy Crusaders), and has done this both at home and while managing Jewellers for the past 5 years now. Jason has been a regular since late 2017 and became a business partner because, well, he's pretty social and likes doing that kinda stuff. (And Ro is a cool cat to collaborate with!).

But change is on the horizon for Jason, taking up a "regular job" *gasp!* for 12 months, starting on March 30. But fear not. You'll still see him popping in on Friday's to get shit done. 

Don't Forget our Possie

There's other co-working spaces in our region to check out once things cool down:


North East Vic

These are peeps we know personally and can vouch for the rad-ness of the coworking experience they offer :)

Welcome to 2020 - the year of concurrent apocalyptic events. And if something doesn't follow this up then, well, there's always global warming... 

Until next time: Wash your hands, stop kissing randoms, and choose Netflix + chill this weekend ;-)

Stay healthy!

JT & Ro
Co-Hosts @ Jewellers Coworking

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