“I’ve written this many times in this sub, but having a rational minded gun enthusiast college room mate flipped me 180. I grew up in as a liberal, immigrant minority, in suburban Chicago. Ticked all the boxes for hating the idea of guns, without ever having seen one.

Hearing someone logic through guns was very enlightening. For the lack of better words, most left leaning gun haters see gun lovers as uneducated redneck trash who point their weapons in every direction. And while that may represent some of the population, it is far from being the majority. And it’s that calmer approach which convinced me.”
redditor talking about what made the difference

That comes from a comment on a great thread about how to convert people. We talked often about how we have an inherent advantage as gun rights people — when people learn about guns, they naturally support gun rights. Familiarity and truth automatically create the results we want. So all we have to do is create more familiarity and spread more truth.

Doing that persuasively means being easy to like. Be cool, take people to the range, and show them a good time. Give them the space to come around on their own, and have faith that they will. Because believe us, if you're friendly and cool about it, they will.

This week's links

Shout out from our friends at Pew Pew Tactical
The gang at Pew Pew Tactical gave us a cool shout out on Facebook. Their site and videos are the best resource out there for how to get into guns, especially for someone who's interested but just doesn't know where to start.

Joe Rogan posts on Instagram about training at Taran Tactical
This is the stuff that builds support. Cool people coming out of the safe in a non-proselytizing way.

Sturgill Simpson describes using an AR to drive off a home invader
From Sturgill's recent interview on Joe Rogan. He talks in detail about what happened, and is very thoughtful about what it would mean to shoot someone in a DGU, and what went through his head in the seconds before he faced that decision.

What's At Stake in the Guns Case at the Supreme Court?
A handy overview of what the implications are in NYSRPA v. City of New York. (And as ever, you can use our live 2A case database to track all the gun cases coming up to the Supreme Court.)

The Majority of U.S. Gun Deaths are Suicides, But New Poll Suggests Few Americans Know It
The truth is on our side, so it's on us to make sure people hear it. Thirty-three percent of respondents thought murders made up the majority of shooting deaths, and 25% thought mass shootings do. In reality, mass shootings account for less than 2% of murders with guns, and less than 0.5% of shooting deaths overall. 


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