Things I've been thinking about
Gratefully receiving travel recommendations for Australia
A white man and a white female nurse tend to a newborn in a hospital
YouTube videos posted by parents who have recently experienced stillbirth. I wrote for the New York Times about how these videos mostly follow a certain formula (like general funeral traditions that have become codified over centuries). Of the research sample mentioned in the article, 70% of the videos were posted by mothers. But fathers and uncles posted in roughly equal numbers. (Image: Brian Fisher)
The horrifying phenomenon of hospital detention in Nigeria, where patients are locked up for being unable to pay their medical bills. One promising response involves not just the immediate work of getting the women out, but also supporting them with legal advocacy more generally
Blurred white hands counting US one-dollar bills
The finances of freelance writing. If I had to choose one adjective to describe these, it would be "precarious". Or maybe "undependable". Hold up, how about "iffy"? Anyway, I made some suggestions in this article for The Freelancer by Contently, with the help of other freelancers.
Story starters from around the world. I was charmed by this roundup of the equivalents of "Once upon a time" in other languages. Like "There was something and there wasn't" in Czech. Or "In the first of times" in Tagalog. Children's stories start out in such existential ways.
Supercommuter couples. This article for BBC Capital was sparked by a new book titled Commuter Spouses that I devoured more quickly than any other sociology book I've read. One of the takeaways is that it's sometimes assumed that highly educated, highly skilled people have a lot of choices, when actually being so specialized might restrict their (perceived) choices. Also, long-long-distance relationships aren't all bad, if you're comfortably well off. (Image: David Cichon)
Review, the gone-too-soon US remake of the Australian comedy series. I'm rewatching this with a friend, and watching the episodes one after the other makes it abundantly clear just how psychopathic Forrest and Grant are. But my friend insists that Forrest is sympathetic! If you have strong opinions about Review, I'd love to hear them.
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