Things I've been thinking about
How "alone time" is a strange concept in much of the world
stromatolites formed of microbial mats, Western Australia
Climate change-linked extinction. I'm not crazy about the headline of this BBC Future article. But it was, as one of my interviewees said, "grimly fascinating" to speculate about which organisms might be the last ones left standing. 
Wikipedia article of the month: toilet paper orientation. Under vs. over is apparently very divisive.
Cover of My Man Jeeves
P.G. Wodehouse. Not one but two Wodehouse articles for Book Riot. One is a light and fluffy quiz, testing your knowledge of Wodehouse's oft-imitated style. The other takes on an unfortunate blackface-themed plot from one of his books.
I don’t read the Dear Prudence advice columns, but the podcast really allows Daniel Mallory Ortberg’s personality to shine. Listening to this podcast might be making me a better person—or at least revealing the many ways I need to improve to be as thoughtful as these agony aunts.
Solar-powered pumps for irrigating crops in Zimbabwe. The development NGO Practical Action just handed over the management of this project to the local community, and I'm curious to see what happens now. Too many development projects languish amidst good intentions, short memories and the withdrawal of funding... (Image: David Brazier for Practical Action)
I helped out with the launch of BBC Worklife, so I've been thinking a lot about contemporary work culture, and who does and doesn't get to define it.
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