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                                December 2018
Vol. 3 Issue 12
Greetings this Advent and Christmas Season!
First off, I want to thank everyone for their contributions to a successful Charge Conference with our new District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Steve Summers. We were able to share what the Lord has been doing through us this past year in a skit created by Sal Ortiz, Lay Leader at Linden. Thank you, Sal! Thank you to our Lay Leaders, John Fedorchak, Amy Taylor, and Genia Ortiz, our pretend guest for participating in the skit. I believe the District Superintendent was given a great picture of who we are as the hands and feet of Christ and the vital ministries we participate in for God’s glory.

Thank you to all the leaders who have served this past year! Your service has not gone unnoticed, as well as your dedication to the Lord. The Apostle Paul speaks about our gifts and service in Romans, 1 Corinthians, and Ephesians, as well as Peter in 1 Peter. We are called to serve, each having a part, for the body of Christ to function effectively. Thank you for living out your part! A special thank you to those who will be coming off the Church Council at the end of the year. Thank you to Cheryll Green (SPRC Chair) and Henry Green (Finance Chair) at Markham. You have faithfully served our Lord for many, many years! Thank you to Wendy Emery (Church Council Chair), Amy Taylor (Lay Leader), Jean Egeland (UMW President), Smokey Jacobs (Mission Co-Chair), and Terri Hill (Mission Co-Chair), and Cathy Lambert (Family Ministries Chair). You all have faithfully served, even in great adversity. I pray I didn’t miss anyone!

Thank you to all those who have served in many ways this past year. We have amazing UMW ladies at both churches, as well as men who are involved in jail ministry and the men’s group at Marshall, trustees at all three churches, finance committees, SPRC, Communications teams, Worship teams, Sharing God’s Gifts, Memorials, senior ministries, ESL classes, Discipleship teaching ministries (Sunday School, small groups, women’s groups, and accountability groups), children’s ministry teams, and our youth team. We have many who enjoy serving in the ministry of music as pianist, singers in the choir, or soloist. Thank you to all those who participated in Emmaus as pilgrims and as team members. Emmaus is a vital ministry for building up the body of Christ. We do so many things in all three churches, again I hope I didn’t leave anyone out—grace, grace! God has blessed us with amazing people who have a heart for God and for others. God’s abundant blessings to you all!

As we move into our Advent season, here is a glimpse of what is to come. December 2, Cheryl Kowalczyk will bring the morning message to all three churches. Thank you, Cheryl! A sermon series will begin of God’s Inbreaking Presence. Here are some thoughts to ponder: Where is God’s inbreaking hope, love, joy, and peace? Where are you with hope, love, joy, and peace as you enter this Advent season? I pray the scriptures, the words, the songs, and the prayers of God’s people carry you through to a place of expectancy and hope, love in the midst of waiting, joy in the midst of trial, and peace in a time of unrest. God’s promises are true, real, and inbreaking every day! Hold onto the One who will bring us through to a day of celebration and victory!

May God’s glorious presence inbreak into your daily living as we journey together as the body of Christ out the power of the Holy Spirit. A blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas to you all!
Grace & Peace,
Pastor Terry
Markham News
Marshall News
Message from Markham
Linden News
Ministry Teams
Cooperative Parish Leadership
SPRC:  Sal Ortiz (chair), Amy Taylor, Bob Lambert, Brook Middleton, Edith Middleton, Cheryll Green, Joe Bersack, John Fedorchak, Sheila Showers, Linden vacancy
Linden Church Council
Chair of Council:    Steve Showers    
Lay Leader:    Sal Ortiz    
SPRC Chair:    Sal Ortiz    
Finance Chair:    Vacant    
Trustee Co-Chairs:    Loyd Dunford, Steve Showers    
Treasurer:    Kathy Drummond    
Adult Discipleship:    Sal Ortiz
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference:    Sal Ortiz    
UMW President:    Sheila Showers    
Senior Pastor:    Terry Hendricks    
Recording Secretary:    Dawn Bueno    
Young Adult Rep:    Dawn Bueno
Worship Chair Music:    Connie Clatterbuck
District Steward:    Vacant
Church Historian:    Helen Kenney
Nurture, Evangelism, Youth:    Genia Ortiz
Nominations:    Pastor Terry, Ruth Ann Rector, Helen Kenney, Maureen Dunford, Sal Ortiz
SPRC:    Sal Ortiz, Sheila Showers, vacancy
Trustees:    Loyd Dunford, Steve Showers, Mary Potter, Kevin McCullough, Stuart Showers, Zachary Beno
Parsonage Trustees:    Loyd Dunford, Steve Showers, Zach Bueno
Markham Church Council
Chair of Council:    John Fedorchak    
Lay Leader:    John Fedorchak    
SPRC Chair:    Cheryll Green    
Finance Chair:    Henry Green    
Trustee Chair:    Brook Middleton    
Treasurer:    Nancy Sickel    
Lay Member to Annual Conference:    Edith Middleton    
Senior Pastor:    Terry Hendricks    
Recording Secretary:    Kim Jacobs
Nurture, Hospitality, Worship:    Edith Middleton
Community Missions, Music:    Kim Jacobs
Age Level Ministries:    Cheryll Green
Historian:    Henry Green
Nominations:    Pastor Terry, John Fedorchak, Edith Middleton
SPRC:    Cheryll Green, Brook Middleton, Edith Middleton, John Fedorchak
Parsonage Trustees:    Brook Middleton, Nancy Sickel, Edith  Middleton
Finance:     Henry Green, Pastor Terry, Edith Middleton, John  Fedorchak, Cheryll Green Brook Middleton, Nancy Sickel
Marshall Church Council
Chair of Council:    Wendy Emery    
Lay Leader:    Amy Taylor    
SPRC Chair:    Vacant   
Finance Chair:    Laurie Bersack 
Finance:     Laurie Bersack, Pastor Terry, Bob Lambert,  Wendy Emery, Joe Bersack, Rich Umbel, Amy Taylor, Cheryl Kowalczyk, DeAnna Taylor, Cindy Glascock   
Trustee Co-Chairs:    Rich Umbel, Sally Wilfong    
Treasurer:    DeAnna Taylor    
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference:    Bob Lambert    
District Steward:     Wendy Emery
UMM President:    Louis Nicholls
UMW President:    Jean Egeland    
Senior Pastor:    Terry Hendricks    
Recording Secretary:    Terri Shaw    
Children’s Ministry Director:     Jean Egeland
Worship Chair:     Cathy Harris
Communications Dir:     Terri Hill
Mission/Outreach Chair:     Smokey Jacobs
Family Ministries:     Cathy Lambert
Education Director:     Cheryl Kowalczyk
Nominations:     Pastor Terry, Candy Glascock, Amy Glascock, Amy Taylor, Frances Snider, Bob Lambert
SPRC:     Joe Bersack, Mike Taylor, Amy Taylor, Bob Lambert
Trustees:     Rich Umbel, Sally Wilfong, Mike Rogers, Phil Harris, Jimmy Lyon, Robert Glascock, Debbie Wyne 
Older Adult Ministries, Memorials:    Doris Edmonds        


3   Jason Swart
     Raymond Spears
5   Zach Moon
6   Betty West
10  Jessica Soaper
11   Frances Snider
      Susanne Arbogast
12   Erin Kozanecki
14   David Hll
       Guy Clatterbuck
       Mallory Wyne
15   Loyd Dunford
17   Adam Kowalczyk
20   John Egeland
22   Ruth Nelson
25   Jimmy Edmonds
       Josh Veverka
26   Cathy Harris
28   George Murphy Sr
30   Heather Wheeler
16   Mary & Charles Potter


We ask for prayers for People suffering natural and man-made disasters, Global   financial crisis, families in financial trouble, unemployed, our nation & leaders, our military at home and abroad, the lost, work of  Gideon’s Intl, persecuted Christians worldwide, God’s guidance in our churches, those incarcerated, harmony in USA, respect for police, racial tensions, parolees searching for God and new direction.

Any and all prayer updates and additions:  or 

Message from Markham
At Markham, how are we living out the Bishop’s vision of “Disciples of Jesus Christ who are lifelong learners who influence others to serve” and “Making disciples for the transformation of the world?” What has spurred the mission outreach this year at Markham and the surrounding communities?  Here are a few of the responses:

In answer to your question of the impetus for Markham in fulfilling the call to mission and service, I feel that it has always been there and continues to bloom with new membership.  From my point of view, Markham members have always shared their talents and resources as an example of their little part in demonstrating what it is to be a Disciple and show God's love to others. From helping to build a Habitat House, many mission trips, crock pots for the homeless, and helping abused women and children, to state a few of their many calls to mission and service over the years. Being aware of needs and the awareness of working together is the key for me.  As many of the members age and their physical contributions are limited, their passion to help others has not been diminished, but embellished by the new members and their passion to help others. Praise the Lord!!
Nancy Sickel

In the three years I have been coming to Markham Church I have witnessed many of God’s works being done at Markham UMC. 
1) The Potter’s House: how so many came together to make our vision come together. Painting, cleaning, furniture, bedding, new flooring and many more items to make a house a home. This was very inspiring. 
 2) The fellowship that we have at church on the first Sunday of the month, put on by Nancy and Michele. Also, on the third Sunday of the month,  Edith hosts a breakfast for everyone. All of this aids in our discipleship. 
3) Throughout the year we have given monetary help when requests have come in. This shows our commitment and  compassion for others. 
 I for one have felt the discipleship from the members of the congregation. They have shown God’s love in welcoming into the fold. What a blessing they all are. 
Donna Bowen

I believe that as a church, we are truly interested and committed to helping others. When we have been made aware of a need (I immediately think of Fauquier County requests), we rise to the challenge. We have freely given to others when the need is known. As a church, we all pitched in last summer to get the parsonage ready for the women and families in need—cleaning, organizing, and donating furniture and flooring. Our commitment to seeing that the Potter House succeeds is evident in all of the funds we raise and the regular check ins several of us make with the house chaperone. We are proud of the work we are doing to support a local need—we see how our contributions are impacting the lives of those who reside at the Potter’s House.  
Something that has contributed to our discipleship is our fellowship every month. Thank you to Nancy and Michele for ensuring we have fellowship immediately after service on the first Sunday and thank you to Edith for hosting breakfast on the third Sunday. These times together extend our worship—we have gotten to know each other and are committed to caring for one another. When I walk into our tiny stone church, I feel invited and welcomed—whether it is teaming with people or welcomingly vacant. There is something about driving up (in the dark) on a Sunday morning and seeing a light glow from the windows. The church is already warmed because our most respected and stable congregant has come by extra early to open the building and turn it on. I certainly feel God’s presence—a quiet energy hangs in the air.
 Ultimately, I believe we have united and we feel a commitment to each other and to do God’s work.
Kim Jacobs

I have been pondering your question as the impetus for missions at Markham.  On a personal level, the answer is quite simple.  When I was battling cancer, I felt God’s loving presence through our Markham congregation— from the beautiful hats Donna made for me to Nancy’s warm hugs and to the fervent prayers from everyone.  I want others to experience the wonderful blessings our small congregation has to offer.
Like Kim, I, too, feel God’s presence echoing in the walls of our sanctuary.  I feel led to build a strong sense of fellowship and community here at Markham, as we come together to worship, to learn, and to serve.  Our small committed group is poised to move quickly and decisively to meet needs in the world, whether it be a lady in Africa in need of an operation or people in our community in need of the safe haven that Potter’s House provides.
As I think about the Bishop’s commission to make disciples, I look to the original  disciples as the example.  They were called from different walks of life and different places.  As they followed Jesus, they came together to eat, to pray, and to learn—to journey together.  They formed a community of believers.   With God’s power, their tight-knit group of just 12 spread the Gospel throughout the world.
God’s work is often accomplished by small groups of believers like Markham church.  It’s individuals answering God’s call to his service who come together to do his work.  As we see through out the Bible and even in our own recent experience with the Potter’s House dinner, God’s almighty power magnifies the impact that a small group of people can have.  We are being called at Markham to build that community of believers who impact our community and the world.
Michele Middleton

Click the following link for Sal's: "Message for Congregations of Linden, Markham, Marshall Cooperative Parish"

Linden News
Worship Leaders:

Communion Steward:


Diane Spears &
Sapphire Segar-Young
Coming up at Linden...
Linden Christmas Cantata 2018
It is that time of year again to start getting into the holiday spirit and prepare for some glorious Christmas Music! Linden’s choir meets at 7:00pm on Thursday to practice for regular service and 7:30pm for cantata practice. We laugh and sing and enjoy one another’s company while making joyful noises together. Everyone is welcome, whether you think you and sing or not…. Please come out and join us to help prepare our hearts for Christmas and the cantata on the 20th at 7:30.
Dawn Bueno

Markham News
Worship Leader:

Communion Steward:


No worship service December 23rd, one service for Linden and Markham at Linden.
Markham Directory
Michele Middleton and Tom Falkowski are working on a directory for Markham. Please send your contact information and sit for a picture if you would like to be included.  You may contact Michele at and Tom at to send your information and/or have your picture included.
First Sunday of Month, donuts and coffee following worship.

Third Sunday of Month, breakfast following worship at
Edith Middleton’s home.
Weekly ESL classes
Mondays, 6:00 pm.  If you would like to help or know of someone interested in the class, contact Edith Middleton, 364-2889,

Marshall News
Worship Leader:

Communion Steward:

Bob Lambert
Betty West
Joe Bersack
Terri Hill
Mike Taylor

Rick & Cheryl Kowalcyzk

Nathan & Ian
Coming up at Marshall...
Looking for one gently used Windows or Mac laptop that is no more than 5 years old for the Marshall UMC. It would be used for guest speakers to share presentations. It should have an up to date operating system, DVD and WiFi capability. If you would like to donate, please contact DeAnna Taylor at
Marshall Christmas Cantata
December 16th at 7pm
Advent Services
Advent studies and dinners will take place at Marshall UMC with Mike Taylor facilitating.  Dinner at 6:30, study at 7:00 on December 2nd, 9th, and 16th.
Children's Ministry
Children's time during church - open to anyone with an inspiring Bible message 2-3 minutes long. If interested see Jean or Bob.

Looking for Sunday School teachers. We'll get you Safe Sanctuary trained and have fun.  Join our team and support our community by teaching our children about God. 
Jean Egeland
Thanksgiving Video
Click here to view the video compilation of what we were thankful for this Thanksgiving season.
Weekend LunchBox is back!
We will be delivering lunches for the weekend each week to 30-32 children at Coleman Elementary again this year. We are blessed for this opportunity to help some local families in need by providing some healthy items for lunch and breakfast through the 2018/19 school year. If you would like to help, we will be packing lunches each Sunday after worship in the Fellowship Hall (coffee provided!!).  
You can also make donations in the weekly offering plate by writing Weekend Lunch on the Memo line of your check or envelope.
If you would like to assist with the Thursday deliveries, just let me know on Sunday after worship. We have a cart to help with the load and the school office is very friendly and very grateful. We will deliver all our lunches to WG Coleman Elementary on Zula road near Marshall Middle School. The Marshall Ruritans will be delivering the same to the children at C. Thompson Elementary.
Coming up with Outreach...
Terri Hill & Smokey Jacobs
Scholarship Team
Two of the 19 enrollees are receiving tuition assistance and between January and late Sept a total of $2250 has been raised. Applications and guidelines for future awards have been established. Please consider a fourth quarter contribution to this worthy cause.  For more info please contact Donna Thomas in the preschool office or Wendy Emery at   
Wendy Emery
Seniors on the Go!
Contact for more information.
Sharing God's Gifts
United Methodist Men
United Methodist Women
Coming up with UMW...
Christmas Decorations
December 1st before the parade

Cantata & Dinner
December 16th at 7pm

UMW Gathering (Linden, Markham & Marshall)
December 14th at Marshall UMC

UMW Meeting
January 5th at  9:00am in the MUMC Fellowship Hall

Superbowl Chili Fundraiser
February 3rd
Jean Egeland
Worship Ministry


December 1    

December 16  

December 24
Ordering Poinsettias in honor of and in memory of starts today.  Deadline to order will be December 9.  

9:00am.  Light Breakfast and setting up the Christmas tree in the Sanctuary and decorating the church at Marshall.  The breakfast will be provided by the UMW.

7:00pm   Christmas Cantata at Marshall

7:00pm   Christmas Eve service at Marshall
We also need someone to coordinate the schedule for Communion.   It would entail scheduling people to set up and clean up Communion every Sunday for a month.
If you would like to serve your church in this way, please let Cathy Harris know.  My e-mail is  
Cathy Harris
Marshall United Methodist Preschool

Cooperative Parish Calendar & Regional Events

Click the following link for the December & January: Cooperative Parish Calendar


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