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Grenada Post’s New Postal Software “Goes Live!”

Dear Colleagues,

This issue is all about digital transformation in Grenada.

The President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Dr. Gene Leon, has repeatedly urged the region to take bold and innovative steps to surmount the significant development challenges that have been amplified by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to “shift to a new development trajectory”.

Dr. Gene Leon has highlighted the importance of leveraging digital transformation in the region. He warned that, according to a CDB study, many countries in the region are not sufficiently well-positioned to be competitive in a digital future world, and need to invest in cutting-edge infrastructure, comprehensive regulatory, security protocols and a workforce with sophisticated digital skills.
Investing in modern technology is the only way to address this vulnerability and build resilient and sustainable economies in the region; as well as address the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG's) of cutting regional poverty in half by 2030.
Last month, the Grenada Postal Corporation completed the software configuration (virtually), the staff training and the launching of its Reason Solutions’ “Post Global” modern postal software. On behalf of the Caribbean Postal Union (CPU), we congratulate everyone at the Grenada Postal Corporation. 

To further promote a digital future world and modern postal technology, the CPU has initiated a plan for the “Counter Automation of Designated Postal Operators within the OECS”. OECS Posts would obtain modern postal software and Grenada Post would act as a “TECHNICAL HUB” to provide user-configuration software services for the participating Posts in Eastern Caribbean. Eastern Caribbean Posts are currently considering the postal software deal.
The CPU is working with our postal-consultant friends, Frank Cianciullo and Martin Sarch, to identify other potential synergistic consortiums willing to pool resources and identify lead Posts willing to act as “TECHNICAL HUBS” in an effort to automate Posts in the region, with the same modern postal technology, so that we can grow and better integrate our services.

Guillermo Raymond, Secretary General of the CPU

Grenada Post’s New Postal Software
“Goes Live”

The Grenada Postal Corporation is owned by the government and administered by a Board of Directors which reports to the Ministry of Communications.
Since 1997, the GPC’s goal has been to have the post office be the bridge to all key economic sectors and a vehicle to help increase economic growth and production within the state.
The GPC enjoys the support of its Government which wants the GPC to be both financially successful and support the socio-economic development of the country.
The GPC applied for a grant for modern postal software from the Universal Postal Union’s Financial Inclusion Technical Assistance Facility (FITAF) and was successful.

The Grenada Post’s research concluded that Reason Solutions’ PostGlobal offered the most state-of-the-art point-of-sale (POS) and mail management software and at the most cost-effective price (given the Standing Offer, open to all members of the Caribbean Postal Union). It is the only postal software created by career postal operators. It is highly scalable, it is user configurable and Cloud-based to lower the ongoing costs. It interfaces with all systems that modern Posts need today, including IPS, CDS, IFS, payment engines. e-commerce, ERP's and 3rd party operators. It can be implemented generally within 3 months of a signed agreement. The training and configuration can be done virtually / remotely.
Last month, the Grenada Postal Corporation completed the software configuration, the staff training and the launching of its Reason Solutions’ “Post Global” modern postal software, all this was done virtually! We congratulate the Director of Posts and Former Cabinet Minister the Hon. Roland Bhola, Special Projects Officer Ms. Abeesha Toussaint, IT Officer Mr. Karamo Mitchell and the full team at the Grenada Postal Corporation on their move into the digital world. Here is the FITAF Project Executing Team: 
We asked the team a number of questions that you will be interested in.  The results speak for themselves.  The implementation of Reason Solutions will revolutionize the Grenada Postal Corporation. 

Q1.  How was your end-to-end experience with Reason Solutions (the configuration / training / implementation process)? Would you recommend them to other Posts?
A1. We have had an amazing experience with Reason Solutions.  Reason Solutions was well organized and this showed at all levels and in all activities in the project, from the data collection process to configuration, training and implementation. They were reachable and supportive every step of the way.  They took the time to explain the processes.  In cases where the information submitted flagged an issue or two, Reason Solutions called meetings to discuss and advise us on the process. Words are insufficient to explain how helpful and supportive Mr. Bikshapu Reddy and his team were to the GPC during this transition from a manual to an automated process.  Karthik Reddy, one of the software developers at Reason Solutions, became a ‘GPC name’ as he immersed himself into our operations to help address issues and reduce the negative impact of the newness of the situation.
We’ll definitely recommend Reason Solutions to other Posts.  Not only for the state-of-the-art sophisticated PostGlobal software but also for the level of professionalism displayed by Mr. Bikshapu Reddy and his team and the level of  support  they offered to us during an intense and new period at the Grenada Postal Corporation. 
Q2. What are some of the comments and opinions of the staff? Do they view the future of Grenada Post differently?
A2.Staff members recognize the benefits of PostGlobal to the Post. They are very excited about the transformation it has brought about to date and looking forward to the complete transformation of Grenada Post. Here are some of their comments:
  • “It’s exciting,” Cashier
  • “Makes me more efficient,” Cashier
  • “This is what the Corporation needs,” Accounts Clerk
  • “Initially I was frustrated but now I’m getting the hang of it… it good!” Supervisor District Post Office
  • “Forces me to be organized,” Operations Clerk
  • “I like that I have to enter dispatch data in the system,” Operations Clerk
  • “This is a really sophisticated software. We got a really good software,” Statistical Officer
  • “A good record keeping and customer database tool,” Supervisor Operations
  • “This software has the ability to revolutionize the Post,” Director of Post
  • “I’m looking forward to using the MIS module.  Access to real-time information will improve our decision-making process and our operations” Manager
  • “I like having access to Corporation information in one place with easy access,” Manager
  • “The software is also a business tool in the sense that it will facilitate the GPC entering into new areas of business and expansion in existing areas,” Manager    
Q3. The Grenada Postal Corporation received a grant from the UPU (FITAF) toward the cost of the software based on your financial inclusion goals. Can you elaborate on what financial-inclusion services you plan to implement first?
A3. The three (3) services the GPC will be rolling out over the course of April to June are:
  1. Post Shop – This feature of the new software will allow us to sell our own products online as well as other products on behalf of MSMEs or third parties. Initially we will sell stationery to complement our copy service. Later on, we will expand this feature to promote e-commerce. 
  2. Domestic Electronic Money Order - from 2 May the GPC will be offering this money order at all its district and sub-offices.  A customer will be able to purchase a money order and the receiver will receive instant cash in real-time.  Later on, this service will expand to include foreign countries that uses PostGlobal.
  3. Electronic Payment Facility – Currently, the GPC offers bill payments services on a very small scale.  However, from 1 June our clients’ customers will be able to pay their bills at the Post; and this will be on a much larger scale.  We’re in the process of signing off with clients and is hoping to onboard insurance companies, utility companies and financial institutions.  This service is coming on stream on a phased basis.
Q4. What other management benefits and service offerings, enabled by the Reason Solutions Post Global software, are a priority for you? For example:
  • improved management tools for the sorting and delivery of mail (improved quality of service)
  • improved customer service by providing end-to-end track-and-trace for all parcel shipments
  • full integration into UPU track-and-trace and Customs Declaration System (CDS) functions
A4. We’ll say all three above. The mail processing module is a ‘game-changer’ for us at the Post. Not only is it a proper electronic record keeping and customer database tool, but it also offers us a secondary track and trace system for international mail and end-to-end track and trace for domestic mail. Prior to this, the GPC was solely dependent on IPS.POST and ASCUDYA World for international mail.   Improvement in customer service and quality of service are priority to us. 
Q5. What product / service offerings, enabled by the Reason Solutions PostGlobal software, are a priority for you?
A5. The GPC plans to utilize all the service/product offerings enabled by the PostGlobal over a period time.  After the services under the FITAF (counter automation) project are successfully on stream, the GPC will turn its attention to bringing on stream a courier system to offer delivery services throughout the State of Grenada.
Q6. How important was it for the Granada Postal Corporation to digitize? What were your key needs?
A6. This was extremely important.  Digitization took the GPC out of manual operations that were disjointed and incorporated pieces of unconnected technology.  We needed a postal software that was sophisticated, user-friendly, scalable system providing real-time data exchange. PostGlobal met our needs and more!
Q7. What is your recommendation to other Caribbean Posts?
A7. We’ll definitely recommend Reason Solutions to other Posts.  Not only for the state-of-the-art sophisticated PostGlobal software but also for the level of professionalism displayed by Mr. Bikshapu Reddy and his team and the level of support  they offered to us during an intense and new period at the Grenada Postal Corporation. 

Modern postal technology can help Posts manage the business more effectively, increase services and revenue by facilitating expansion, regain relevance and achieve financial sustainability.

Reason Solution’s Post Global software:

  1. Instills best-practices postal management principles, controls and discipline. Reason Solution’s Post Global software was created by career postal employees, trainers and senior management. It’s Postal Management Module has a complete Management Information System (MIS) with full Monitoring and Controls. It provides Business reports and trends with Graphs and charts. The MIS will ensure Quality of service, Management of each post office and postal franchise. The MIS will also manage all incoming Customer complaints.  
  2. Facilitates and automates a full-range of new-revenue-generating-counter-services for customers. Post Global software enables Agency Services, Pension Payments, Electronic Money Order, and enhanced Track and Trace. Reason Solutions works with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to ensure international standard and connectivity is maintained for Customs Declaration System (CDS), International Postal System (IPS), International Financial System (IFS). It is also integrated with the UPU for full Track and Trace giving e-commerce visibility through all step in the package delivery process. Post Global also manages and controls the Stamp and Philately Bureau inventory.
  3. Opens the new avenue of e-commerce revenue to Posts by providing E-Shop, a software integrated website. Post Global software enables Posts to sell postal products as well as MSME third-party products. The software is integrated with payment gateway and has a fulfilment system. MSMEs account for 70-85% of all businesses; contribute 60-70% to GDP; represent over 50% of total employment; 40% of businesses are owned by women. MSME exporting is only (13%). MSMEs play a key role in combating poverty.  
  4. Addresses the needs and demands of customers in this digital age. Post Global software allows customers to buy online but it also allows business partners (agencies) to interact with the Post by uploading files and have Post Global interface with their systems. Moreover, Post Global also provides a Consumer Mobile App to allow customers to track their parcel delivery. Customers can also use the Customer Portal to send needed remittances, at a lower-cost, to their family in the Caribbean via the Post.  
  5. Provides a Mail Room Operations Management Module. It monitors and controls complete mail processing and Post box/bag management. The software also manages Contract Customers. Post Global software is the only postal software with this module.  
  6. Reduces ongoing costs with its user-managed module and Cloud-based technology. It allows your trained IT staff, or Central Administrator, to access the Configurator module to control the business rules and to make most of the day-to-day changes such as the modification of rates, adding products and services, staff changes and privileges, etc. Other software demands that you pay for these changes which can be very expensive on ongoing annual costs. PostGlobal also works with most hardware and has applications for Windows, Android and IOS. Simple to configure with a short install timeline with low maintenance requirements.  
Reason Solutions works with the UPU and has been implemented by many Posts, including: Grenada Postal Corporation, Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation, Ethiopia Postal Services Enterprise, Malawi Posts Corporation, Posts Fiji Limited, Tanzania Posts Corporation, Zambia Postal Services Corporation, Postal Uganda, Postal Corporation of Kenya, The Mauritius Post Limited, Zimbabwe Posts (Pvt) Ltd., Botswana Postal Services, Vanuatu Post Limited, Eswatini Posts and Telecommunications Corporation.
Last year, TTPost made extensive use of its PostGlobal software by integrating PDT delivery functionality to expand its local-to-local express delivery and improve its end-to-end, optimized track-and-trace.

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