What do you need to get rid of Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, and/or Physically?


What is the “IT” that keeps you bound to your past, chained to your pain, or attached to negativity?


It is time to release every obstacle, fear, and thought that is hindering you from enjoying your “NOW” and experiencing your “NEXT” because your NEXT IS NOW!!! 


Let’s take a look at some things that may be ‘holds’ in your life:

  • Emotional - Let go of the fear of the unknown, don’t allow the experiences of your past to cause you to pre-determine your future. You may be missing out on a great life because of your fear of living. Don’t try to be the GOD of your life, by having to have it all figured out… LET GOD BE GOD! Yes, you may have been hurt really bad in the past and Yes, you may have had some bad experiences, but NO this will not be where your story ends. Get up and move forward by FAITH!

  • Mental - Let go of the self-sabotaging mindset. Have you counted yourself out before you even began? There is so much more in store for you if you just believe. Your struggles can be stepping stones to where you are headed. Your mind is your greatest asset, learn to leverage the knowledge you have to get you where you want to go.

  • Spiritual -  Can you let go of the brokenness, the hopelessness, and the feelings of despair? You certainly can; by building a relationship with God. You can not and should not journey this life alone. Practicing your faith in God will keep you from giving up when times are rough. Establish connections with like-spirited people who will hold you up when you are weak, pray with you when you have no words to speak, and guide you when you have lost your way. 

  • Physical - Let go of the limitations you placed on yourself. Set health & fitness goals, believe in yourself, and get started. Take it one day at a time, but DO take steps every day towards the goals you have set for yourself. Get up every day with the intention of being the best YOU possible and leave no room for doubt. Be physically active every day for a minimum of 30 min (feel free to start slow and build up to 30 minutes), this not only helps your physical well-being but will help your mental and emotional well-being as well. Laugh more, frown less, and dance like there's music everywhere you go.


1.) Take it moment by moment

2.) Don’t be afraid to ask for help

3.) Place reminders of why you need to let go

Remember: Letting go releases you from those things that no longer serve you in this season of your life

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