Are your fears holding you back?


Do you have a hard time making decisions, for fear of making the wrong decision? Are you afraid to speak up because you are afraid of being misunderstood? Do you struggle with being yourself, for fear of being judged? Do large crowds give you anxiety?


Fear can be crippling and overwhelming. 

Fear can cause you to shrink back or rise up in defense unnecessarily. 

Fear can cause worry and stress. 

Fear can keep you from your destiny.

Fear will have you misjudging people and circumstances.

Fear can cause you to miss out on opportunities you have been waiting and praying for.


Fear can cause you to be afraid of what you don’t understand or what makes you feel uncomfortable or uncertain. Check your fears at the doors of reality!  To be nervous about change is normal but if you find yourself unable to function because you are panicking, can’t sleep, and thinking of all the things that could go wrong, then you have allowed fear to take up residency in your life. How long will you allow your fears to stop you from living life? 


1.) Stop overthinking 

2.) Make a list of your fears

3.) Talk through why you are afraid

4.) Seek help

5.) Keep reminders of why you shouldn’t be afraid in plain sight

6.) Make a list of ALL the things you’ve overcome


Remember: Fear only has the power you give it!


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