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Lifelines News - Friday 27th November 2020

Day of Listening

An unofficial day about giving time for other people to share personal stories. Seems like a good day to celebrate, and do more listening...

Hi <<First Name>>,
OMG, it's almost Christmas!

Where has the year gone? They say time flies when you're having fun. Well, really not sure that's the word for 2020. But it is a good word for Lifelines :).

So what have we got for you...

Project Update

Things you might not know, but might like to. We hope.

Silver Circles

Our new Digital Inclusion Project
We know that many of our members are quite tech-savvy, and able to get online to socialise and join our activities. That's not the case for everyone though, which is why we're pleased to be starting our digital inclusion project. We were working on this before Covid-19, but it's needed now more than ever. To help members connect to their families, friends, befrienders and us too.

We’ve got some funding to provide digital tablets, our Tech Tutors are eager to help get people, and we're working getting support from Digital Brighton & Hove. We're ready to get started.

We want some volunteers to help and encourage members to make connections: with family, friends and befrienders. To help arrange and host social chats, share time to watch programs or play games  - remotely together. Would you be able to support members by:
  • meeting up for a video chat
  • helping them join a coffee morning, or help them get one started
  • watch a fave TV program together, or share a meal with them
  • play social games with them like cards, Scrabble, Chess, Draughts, or other favourites
  • share more adventurous and story-based games, by screen-sharing a PC or console game
  • doing something else with them that would be fun - that we haven't thought of yet!
Well, that’s the plan, but we need help to do it. If you’re interested in getting involved, or have an idea to share, then just reply to this email.

Word Search

As we have a new Word Search postal project, seems only fair we give you digital folks the chance too. So pens at the ready, 10 cheeses, off you GO...

Creative Writing Shorts

We have another short story from one of our Creative Writing participants, this time from superstar and longtime volunteer, Sue.

She shares a story about twin cats, but not your everyday kind of cats...

Face the Fear

I am Pashca and I come from another time zone, where many of us choose to enter the body of one of your more highly developed domestic cats. As in my case, and my twin Kaini, for a specific purpose, in this instance to help Sue overcome her fear of cats, which she has carried around with her for 50 years. We are a race of beings called ‘Paschats’ from a small planet in the solar system of Sirius. We communicate telepathically.

For 6 years I have been going through domestic abuse with an Earth family, while at the same time my twin Kaini was paving the way for my connection to my mistress Sue, who I have shared most of my life with, supporting, loving and healing each other. But it took a lot of planning to reach that stage.

Sue and I are sharing this story so you, the reader (listener) can get a better perspective from both sides, as to the complexity of this whole operation.

My phobia has caused me many years of anxiety and embarrassment. My husband had even erected a high garden fence to help me feel safe from attack. I would have nightmares of being mauled by a tiger and saw any feline as a predator. So you can imagine my terror whilst relaxing in the garden one day, when a stray cat strode confidently into my ‘safe space’. My initial reaction was to flee indoors, but something stopped me. I felt pleasantly paralysed. A sense of calm washed over me as this beautiful feline cast a spell on me.

She visited me daily just sitting staring at me and almost telepathically reassuring me that ‘all was well’. By day 4, as if in a trance and hearing the words in my head ‘ feel the fear and do it anyway’ I invited her to come and sit on my lap.
My twin Kaini arrived unannounced in Sue’s garden when the first stage preparation was complete. Using telepathy we guided Sue to read a book called ‘ The Lion People’, which planted a seed of inter cosmic communication. It was time for stage two, getting Sue over her fear of cats. Kaini was playing her part perfectly and within a few months had completely transformed Sue’s attitude towards cats from fear to love.
Each day this cat slipped further into my heart.what all my family were witnessing was nothing short of a miracle. After 50 years of being afraid of cats they were observing this stray cat hypnotise me, and making me feel completely comfortable in her presence. Over many months we became inseparable. I had fallen in love with her. She had done what no other human or animal had ever come close to, and that was to get me over my fear of cats.
Stage two was complete. Sue was no longer afraid of cats and we knew it was time for Kaini to leave, setting the stage ready for me to enter Sue’s life.
The hit & run traffic accident had left Kaini a paraplegic, so on the advice of the vet, after ten days of making her as comfortable as possible, it was agreed that she would be euthanised. That was the saddest day of my life, but in my heart I knew Kaini had come into my life for a purpose - to get me over my fear of cats- mission accomplished, and for which I would be eternally grateful. Two months later, and still mourning the loss of my feline companion, a friend informed me of a new cat at the cattery that was waiting to be re-homed.

I knew Kaini’s death could not be in vain, and that it was all part of a bigger plan, and my instincts were telling me I had to follow this through, so off I went to the cattery. The moment I saw her my heart skipped a beat, and when I looked into her eyes I saw Kaini looking back at me. I knew immediately she was going to be my new feline companion.
It didn’t take long for me to become part of my new family. I listened intently to all Sue’s troubles, kissing away her tears, and there were many, and healing her with my perfect pitch purr. Human scientists have finally discovered that us cats purr at a frequency of exactly 26 hertz, which corresponds with the frequency that scientists use in vibrational therapies, to deal with many things, including pain & joint mobility.

Sue had been diagnosed with arthritis many years before I came into her life. One night she had been in a lot of pain and could not sleep. I knew I could help her, so I jumped up on the bed, and lay on the affected hip, giving it the loudest purr for as long as I knew it needed. She fell asleep, and woke pain free, never complaining of it again.

Sue and I spend fifteen magical years together until at age 21 earth years, it was time for us to part, and for me to return to my home planet and prepare for another worthwhile assignment.
This is a true story that I tell with great love and memory, of how a phobia can be cured by the feared thing itself. Fear is nothing but an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

A short story by Lifelines Volunteer, Sue Hewitt,
written as part of our Creative Writing workshop.

Sue's Quick Quiz

The answer to Sue's last quiz question:

A cryometer is a thermometer used to measure very low temperatures. For you word geeks, its formed by  combining a word meaning “icy cold” (cryo) with the fundamental metric unit of length (meter/metre).
Spot the difference:
One is a digital Cryometer. The other is what you get if you google Icy Meter.
This Month's Quick Quiz Question:

What is the surname of Dorothy, the central character in The Wizard of Oz?

Is it:
  • Gaynor
  • Gale
  • Grace
  • Glenda
Question courtesy of Sue, one of our Big Quiz hosts.
The very lovely people at Brighton's Ageing Well Service regularly produce activity packs to help keep you all amused.

Free to download, you can get the latest one here: Ageing-Well-Activity-Pack-Week-34.pdf

What's out your window?

Well let's get a little Christmassy with this one, from somewhere in Park City, Utah. Far away, but homely.

The Happy News

A new bit where we share happy news. This time it's a Japanese farmer who planted a sea of scented flowers for his blind wife.

A loving gesture that became something of a tourist attraction

This happy news courtesy
The Happy News
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Postal Activities
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Training and support provided.

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* More Activities *

Volunteering Matters has a national project of online activities called Getting Together Matters.

Similar to our fun
Brighton Lifelines ones - in fact they include ours in their Calendar of Events. They also have great ones from around the country like Armchair Travel, Snacking on Shakespeare and Quiz for Veterans. And with the joys of modern tech - you are all invited!

Download the Getting Together Matters Calendar


The bit of the newsletter that's just for volunteers

A Tale of Two Parties

There may be some confusion about upcoming festive parties for volunteers, so to clear that up. There's a big national Volunteering Matters party, and also a smaller Brighton Lifelines one just for us!

Thu 17th Dec

Volunteering Matters would like to invite you to our first ever virtual Merry Little Christmas Party!  

It is going to be a wonderful event that will bring our volunteers, staff, and our great friends at People’s Postcode Lottery together to share our amazing work, celebrate our partnership and have some fun. We would love it if you could join us.  

The party will have lots of (non-compulsory) activities including a quiz, singing, lip-sync competition, a raffle, theatre, and celebrating some of our achievements too! 

If you would like to attend,
just reply to this email
and we'll send you instructions on how to apply.

Fri 18th Dec

Brighton Lifelines are inviting you to our annual Festive Bash, but this time online!  

No need to to apply, we know who you are. We will be sending you a little goodie bag in advance, with some treats and surprises. On the day it will the usual silliness, with some music and fun.

You don't need to prepare anything, just get your party togs on and turn up!

We may sneak another one in before the year end, you never know. But just in case...

Please all stay safe and well wherever you are, and have a merrilicious festive break!

See you all again soon!

Will, Arlie, Thelo & Terri
The LifeLines Team
01273 688 117
Please send in contributions, photos, requests or suggestions.

~ Online Etiquette ~

A few important points about joining our online groups.
1.  Keep it positive!
It may be the only connection people have all week, make it fun.
For any other issues, or if you need to talk, call us.

2.  Be here!
You can mute yourselves & raise a hand,
but please switch off phones and be fully present.

4.  Be welcoming!
New people always receive a great welcome, be part of that message and extend your good will out to others.

3.  No Photos or Video!
It's a safe space for sharing, and being comfortable, so no photos, screenshots or recording for personal use or social media.

And don't forget to have fun!
Please forgive any errors or mistakes, they were probably management.
Don't say anything.
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